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Garlic: A Great Herb For Winter!

Author: Wanda Lemons

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Garlic is used for the common cold, and sore throat. It is a
natural antibiotic and antiviral. It can be used for ear
infections in children, high blood pressure, high
colesterol, fungal infections, chronic or recurrent
infections, frequent yeast infections, or for low resistance
to infection. Studies are showing more and more what a
great multi-purpose herb Garlic is.

It is available in raw cloves, dehydrated powder, oil,
extract in tablets or capsules, and tinctures. My husband
loves garlic and cooks with it frequently. He is hardly
ever sick!

You should tell your Dr. if you are having surgery and have
been using alot of garlic, because it is a blood thinner.

One of our favorite ways to prepare fresh garlic, is to
clean several pods and place in foil after rolling in olive
oil. If we have the grill going, we just toss it on the
grill for 15 to 20 minutes. If not, you can just put it in
the oven. Cook until soft. It is delicious!

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