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About The Kabalah

Author: Muadhnait

Kabalah (Cabala, Qabalah) is an ancient Hebrew method that investigates man’s position in the universe. Why does man exist? Where does he come from? Kabbalah can answer such questions through the spiritual world. Unlike theoretical studies, Kabalah is a very practical study. Man conducts his research through his inner self. That is why Kabalah is called ‘The Hidden Wisdom’.

The word ‘Kabalah’ comes from the Hebrew word ‘laykabbel’, ‘to receive’. We are only motivated to act if we know we are going to receive pleasure in return. So Kabalah asks “How can one attain the maximum amount of pleasure while paying a minimum price for it?” First we want physical pleasure, then money, then power. We may later develop a desire for spirituality. If we feel a desire for spirituality, we can develop this grand feeling through Kabalah wisdom granted by the Creator.


The first idea consists of the universe which we observe, plus all that we do not perceive in the Infinite World.

The second idea concerns the five worlds:

1. Primordial, archetypal man.

2.The World of Emanation.

3.The World of Creation.

4.The World of Formation.

5.The World of Action.

These evolve from the ‘Kingdom of the Infinite’ before the restriction (remember Adam and Eve’s paradise and the downfall of man?).
The Infinite World had no end or limit.

The five parzufim or spiritual faces of the Kabalah can be discerned in this work on The World Of Emanation. Erich Anpin is represented by a large brick. Zeir Anpin and Keter
(Crown) are symbolized by clusters of Hebrew letters. The upside down image
of Nukva correlates to the two brains of Abba and Imma within Zeir Anpin.
When the disk is turned around vigorously the figures turn to a mysterious

this painting on The World Of Creation, one can discern a large skull in the center whose bone structure reveal visages from the Throne of Glory. On each side is a cherub with
the face of a young boy and girl child, who protect and shield the world
from the intense light of the Throne of Glory. Their wings are in the forms
of delicate feminine hands, representing the Shechina, the Divine Presence.
Piercing through the Throne is a beam of white light from the higher worlds
containing the orbs of the sephirot or channels of spiritual influx. At
the bottom of the Throne is a representation of rivers of cold fire, while
the top is surrounded by stars. The vision of the skull represents the
supernal brain, as described by the prophets Ezekial and Daniel, through
which knowledge of the world and God is possible. Since everything supernal
has its correspondence in the structure and form of the human body, this
"brain" is also within us.

horizontal strips of stars divide this painting into four parts. The seven
eyes in the lower half represent the seven angels who observe the deeds
of man. A beam of light divides the painting vertically into two sections
as its passes through the ten echelons of Adam Kadmon, the Primordial Man.
Each echelon has its symbolic meaning and special group of angels. The
upper part of the painting contains the three highest Echelons (Bina, Hachma
and Keter) which are mentalities and as such have no explicit forms. Between
them is the Seat of God, whose center is a stone upon which is written
four times the Hebrew letter Yod. To the right and the left are the two
cherubs with the face of a baby boy and girl. Above them are two archangels.

are thirteen concentric rings extending from the center of the painting on The World Of Action. A beam of light from the outer ring penetrates these rings until reaching
the central core where it becomes transformed into an umbilical cord attached
to a female fetus in negative composed of stars. Surrounding this central
core which represents the Element of Earth are the rings of the Elements
of Water, Air and Fire. Around the Four Elements are the Seven Heavens
which are the abodes of the Seven Planets, which are in turn surrounded
by the constellations of the Zodiac. The outer circle, notched with exactly
one hundred windows, is the Transcendental Diurnal ring, which turns all
the other rings. The hundred windows are divided into four sections and
in each section the colors gradually change from red to green.

From The Art of Yael Avi-Yonah

Practical Kabalah involves the permutation of mystical divine names for magical purposes. That is why it is somehow controversial today in the Jewish society.

When Moses received the written law from God, he supposedly also received the oral law, which was not written down, but passed from generation to generation. The oral law has been referred to as ‘Kabalah’ - the oral tradition. Kabalistic tradition praises the divinity of the Torah, and believes that by studying it one can unlock the secrets of the creation.

The previous was nothing but a small introduction to a large, complicated and apparently neverending subject.

There is a form of Kabalah labelled *Hermetic*, although to many Hebrew and Hermetic Kabalah are quite the same. Hermeticism is the practice and study of the Magick and Philosphy of Hermes Trismegistus ("Thrice Great Hermes") as laid out in his "Corpus Hermeticum". However, Hermetic Magick has come to be a bit broader, encompassing Greek Cosmology, Gnosticism and other Western Mysteries too.

In both Judaic and Hermetic Kabbalah, the main symbol for transcendence and understanding of God is the Tree of Life. This symbol consists of ten sephirot, which are connected by paths through which the Kabalist can traverse, from Malkhut (10- the Earth) to Kether (1- attainement).

I will not post here the (complicated) details of the Tree of Life, but know that the numbers correspond to the ten levels of consciousness reaching from earth to pure spirit. The Kabalist follows that order from matter to spirit:

10. Physical sensation.

9. Dream, imagination.

8. Reasoning about material things.

7. Emotional feeling about material things.

6. Perspective on life.

5. Reasoning about right and wrong.

4. Feelings of spiritual well-being.

3. Very abstract reasoning.

2. Excitement without known cause.

1. Peaceful feeling and knowing about the unity of all that exists.

Note: I have no real interest in the Kabalah, but in case you're curious to learn all about the sephirot in the TOL, follow this link.

The only thing I really like in Hermetic Kabalah is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. The LBRP is one of the chief rituals of Western Magick.

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram is a protective Kabalistic formula which is used by Ceremonial Magicians to banish unwanted influences, before any ritual or meditative work. But you don't have to be a CM to perform the LBRP. Many Wiccans use it to open and close the circle. I sometimes use it to "clear the air", and when I need to invoke the archangels before using my angels deck of cards.

The ritual goes as follows:

1. Stand facing East.

2. Perform the Qabalistic Cross:

a. Touch forehead with first two (or index) fingers of right hand and visualizing a sphere of white light at that point, vibrate: Atah (translates roughly - Thou Art)

b. Lower hand to solar plexus and visualize a line extending down to your feet, vibrate: Malkuth (the Kingdom)

3. Raise hand and touch right shoulder visualizing a sphere of light there. Vibrate: Ve Geburah (and the power)

4. Extend the hand across the chest tracing a line of light and touch the left shoulder where another sphere of light forms. Vibrate: Ve Gedulah (and the glory).

5. Clasp hands in center of chest at crossing point of horizontal and vertical lines of light. Bow head and vibrate: Le Olam, Amen. (for ever - amen.)

3. Facing east, using either the extended fingers or a dagger, trace a large pentagram with the point up, starting at your left hip, up to just above your forehead, centered on your body, then down to your right hip, up and to your left shoulder, across to the right shoulder and down to the starting point in front of your left hip.

Visualize the pentagram in blue flaming light. Stab you fingers or dagger into the center and vibrate: YHVH (Yod-heh-vahv-heh - which is the tetragrammaton translated into latin as Jehovah)

4. Turn to the south. Visualize that the blue flame follows you fingers or dagger, tracing a blue line from the east pentagram to the south. Repeat step three while facing South, except vibrate: Adonai (another name for god translated as Lord)

5. Turn to the West, tracing the blue flame from south to west. Repeat step 3, but vibrate: Eheieh (Eh-hay-yeah more or less - another name of God translated as I AM or I AM THAT I AM.) (Or "I will be" - Ed.)

6. Turn to the North, again tracing the blue flame from west to north. Repeat step 3, but vibrate: AGLA (Ah-gah-lah - a composite of Atah Gibor le olam Amen - see step 2)

7. Return again to the east, tracing the blue flame from North to East. Stab the fingers or dagger back again into the same spot as in step 3. You should now visualize that you are surrounded by four flaming pentagrams connected by a line of blue fire.

8. Extend your arms out to your sides, forming a cross. Vibrate (visualizing each Archangel standing guard at each station):
Before me RAPHAEL (rah-fah-yell)
Behind me GABRIEL (gah-bree-ell)
On my right hand, MICHAEL (mee-khah-ell)
On my left hand, AURIEL (sometimes URIEL aw-ree-ell or ooh-ree-ell) for about me flames the Pentagrams, and in the column stands the six-rayed star. (Alternatively the last two lines can be: before me flames the pentagram, behind me shines the six-rayed star)

9. Repeat the Qabalistic Cross (step 2). As can be seen, Raphael is in the East, Gabriel in the West, Michael in the South and Auriel/Uriel in the North.

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