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The Moon Phases

Author: Muadhnait

The Four Moon Phases

The New Moon:
It is when there is no Moon in the sky.
Spells for the New Moon can be performed three days before and after the actual New Moon.
These spells symbolize changes in your life.

The Waxing Moon:
It is when the Moon is getting a bit larger in the sky. That period lasts until three days before the Full Moon. Spells to be performed during this time include positive change, luck, love and growth.

The Full Moon:
This is when the Moon has reached its full capacity in the sky. This is the perfect time for spells that increase psychic abilities and fertility.

The Waning Moon:
It is when the Moon is decreasing in size. Now is the time to perform spells that involve reversing spells, banishing and releases.

Detailed Moon Phases:

New Moon:

Spans from the day of the New Moon until three days after
Health, gardening and farming, job hunting, love, romance

Crescent Moon:

Spans from three days after the New Moon until the seventh day
Change, emotions, animals, business

Waxing Moon:

Spans from the seventh day until the tenth day after the New Moon
Motivation, luck, courage, friends

Gibbous Moon:

Spans from the tenth day until the thirteenth day after the New Moon

Full Moon:

Fourteen days after the New Moon. Change, decisions, children, competition, dreams, love, protection, money, self-improvement, healing

Disseminating Moon:

Spans from the third day after the Full Moon until the seventh
Addictions, health, divorce, stress, protection

Waning Moon:

Spans from the seventh day until the tenth day after the Full Moon
Change, obstacles, enemies, justice, quarrels, removal, separation, stopping theft

Moon Astrological Correspondences:

The following list is here to tell you what spells should be performed during what astrological correspondence of the Moon.

Moon in Aries: authority, rebirth, leadership, courage, confidence; healing of the face and neck

Moon in Taurus: love, money, romance, acquisition; healing of the neck and throat

Moon in Gemini: communication, writing, freeing of mind blocks, travel; healing of the arms, hands and lungs

Moon in Cancer: the home, honouring Gods and Goddesses; healing of the stomach and chest

Moon in Leo: authority, courage, fertility, children; healing of the upper back, spine and heart

Moon in Virgo: employment, health, success; healing of the nervous system

Moon in Libra: justice, unions, balance, artistry; healing of kidneys and back

Moon in Scorpio: power, psychic growth, sex; healing of the reproductive organs

Moon in Sagittarius: travel, sports, truth, honesty; healing of the thighs and liver

Moon in Capricorn: organization, ambition, career, politics, direction; healing of the teeth, skin, bones and knees

Moon in Aquarius: science, freedom, friendship, addictions; healing of the calves, ankles and blood

Moon in Pisces: art, dreams, music, poetry; healing of the feet

The Twelve Full Moons of the Year:

A Full Moon occurs once every month, so we have twelve. If there is ever a month that contains a second Full Moon, that Moon is called a Blue Moon. So we have thirteen Moons. Listed below are the twelve months of the year and their specific Full Moons. This list will help you perform spells and rituals at the right time. No longer should words like 'Wolf Moon' be an unknown term to you in the performance of a spell or ritual!


Wolf Moon


Storm Moon


Chaste Moon


Seed Moon


Hare Moon


Dyad Moon


Mead Moon


Wort Moon


Barely Moon


Blood Moon


Snow Moon


Oak Moon

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