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The Ouija Board

Author: Muadhnait

The Ouija is a wooden board that contains the 26
letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9 and the words
yes, no, maybe and goodbye. The first board was invented in Maryland around 1890, by Charles Kennard.

The Ouija has always fascinated people. It is used to contact spirits or to develop psychic skills. But yes, it is dangerous, especially if you call on a spirit that you know is evil or that you don’t know anything about. In any case, try not to be afraid, for the Ouija can help you connect with your subconscious.

If you contact a spirit, ask who it is, where it is from, how it died, any questions that will give you a clue if it is a good or bad idea to pursue your communication with it. But of course even spirits are capable of lying. So it is best to check their answers in the library or on the net if they were famous (singers, or writers). If you’re with a group of friends trying to communicate with a spirit some of them used to know in his/her earthly body, they should ask him/her specific questions that only he/she knows the answer to. Remember, you should always know what and who those spirits are. Then, if all of the information checks out, go back and contact them again.

Oh, and one more thing. DO NOT ask stupid questions like “Will I fail on tomorrow’s test?” or “When will I die?” Some spirits feed on your fear and will give you all the answers you’re afraid to hear just to disturb you.

Anyway, to avoid such incidents, it is best not to use the Ouija alone, especially if you are new at it. The more relaxed you are, the more likely you’ll be meeting a spirit, or energy, or psychic vampire or your own subconscious. Those will most probably guide you and mean you no harm.


  • Limit the experience to 3 hours a week or else you'll become an addict and consequently a slave to certain spirits.
  • Cast the Circle before the session and close it afterwards. If you're Christian, keep a rosary close at hand.
  • NEVER leave the planchette (message indicator) on the board if you aren't using it.
  • If the planchette goes to the four corners of the board or repeatedly makes a figure eight, it means you have contacted an evil spirit. In these cases, quickly turn the planchette upside down and use it that way.
  • If you feel anything threatening say goodbye
    and put the board up immediately.
  • If you ever want to get rid of your board, DO NOT BURN IT! Break it into seven pieces, sprinkle it with Holy/Consecrated Water then bury it.
  • It is ok to make your own board, it works just the same, perhaps even better because it would be filled with your own energy! Choose a wood like birch or oak. A good board size is fifteen by twenty inches and at least a quarter of an inch thick to resist warping. Sand, stain and letter your board then coat it with clear lacquer or enamel. Feel free to embellish it with images of suns, moons, stars, pentagrams...Next, make the planchette out of wood or clear plastic. You might of course want to use a glass or a cup, in that case remember to hold them over candlefire before each session.

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