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What do my dreams mean I can see the furture in my dreams?

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Prophetic Dreams in Ancient Times Dreams have fascinated man since the dawn of time, and many records have been found showing accounts of dreams and the role they played in ancient time. Many thought that dreams were a way to keep in close contact with the gods, or even a way to predict the future. Others
visited medicine men or soothsayers to find out their dreams'

Throughout the ages, priests and wisemen from every culture around
the globe have been looked toward to help with troubling dreams. The
lamas of Tibet and the elders of Africa used dreams to help analyze a
sickness or disease and help find a course of treatment. Looking at
dreams was also a way to see if a person was ready for a ritual or
initiation, such as with priests and cultists.

Dreams were though of as a "threshold" from the daylight to the
darkness, life and death. And the barrier that was in between, was
man's fear of death. Throughout history, figures in dreams have been
thought of as "souls of the dead," and messengers from the spirit
world here to open up your spirit to guidance and divination. If you
were able to accept the messages that came to you in your dreams, you
were at peace with death and could accept what comes.

Many groups and cults have focused on dreams, as in the Celtic world,
where shrines and sleep chambers were built where offerings could be
made to the powers that be. Priests would sleep in specially made
hides in these chambers, hoping that their dreams would bring answers
to a particular question he had. Even many rulers in China would
sleep in temples, hoping for advice and guidance to come from the
spirits of the city that they ruled.

The most famous of the dream cults was the cult of Asklepios.
Asklepios was the son of Apollow, the god of prophecy, and was
supposed to be a mythical healer. He was associated with the power of
the underworld and healing powers of water, trees, snakes, music, and
art. Dream shrines of this cult were found all throughout the
Mediterranean and clusters of the dream centers were set in
beautiful, open places. Rituals and cleansings were performed,
followed by sacrifices and prayers to the god.

In North America, a special type of spirit protector, or incubation
area was made for a "Vision Quest." It was hoped that powers would
come to protect and nourish the tribe or group, and great success
would be found in hunting, recovery from illness, as well as helping
to exact revenge on enemies. Even the naming of a child was looked at
in the Vision Quest, in hopes that the gods would bring luck and

A usual procedure for a Vision Quest, as with the Crow Indians, was
to enter into solitude that might last for four days. Visions would
usually come on the fourth night, usually with a mythical figure
appearing with an answer to the person's questions and hopes.

Whatever the culture, one thing is definitely a common thread: Dreams
were revered and looked at for cures, healing, and ways to obtain
prosperity. Maybe it is one of many links that ancient (and modern)
cultures share, and with each new day, we find more and more
information that reveals just how common all cultures really are.
Maybe it is through our hopes and dreams we will find the thread that
ties and binds us all together.

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