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Mel Gibson

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Born on January 3, 1956 at 4.45 p.m. in Peekskill, New York - Capricorn

What could we say about this great personality? Aren't his charm and professionalism amazing? We could understand better his character knowing that his ascendant is Cancer. He is easily touched by his own emotions, his mood is often contradicting and constantly changing, but his charm and imagination are unbelievable, quite above the normal. During his childhood an extraordinary parent should have played an important part, making him give the best of himself, to be clear and sincere and most of all to be able to show his values to the others. These are the lessons, which formed his fighting spirit: he never draws back in front of difficulties, on the contrary, they stimulate and and give him courage, tempting him to give more and more

He should have given up his studies because of his passion for acting and his wish to become known, has made him one of the most important actors of his times. He is often driven in a state of melancholy, pervaded by the memories of his childhood and his missing loved ones, to whom he should have been almost morbidly devoted. Considering his Moon is in Libra his attitude to people is polite and refined, he rarely criticises, on the contrary, he always tries to see the positive part of the people from his surrounding, tough he hardly makes mistakes about his judgement, as he tries to identify himself with the others and manages to understand their weakness and limits. He is never jealous to his collaborators, on the contrary, he always treats them with respect, encouraging the others to give the best they can and he is happy when people fulfil themselves.

Regarding his love life, it seems he has had three important relationships. One of them should have had a dramatic end, which has hurt him badly. At the moment, it seems he has a perfect love relationship, with somebody much younger than him, both an ordinary and a special person. He will probably share his entire life with her and she will make him really happy. The position of his natal Jupiter in Virgo, determines his nose for investments, as before taking any step he collects information from different sources, after which he decides about the best way to invest, never acting in a rash.

Regarding his future professional life, we could foresee a career full of professional satisfaction and within four years, he could be in line for another Oscar win.

He is perfectly healthy, except for some stomach problems (a possible gastritis). He should also be careful about his diet, as it is not good and well balanced. So the Stars tell!

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