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Astrological Emphasis: Aquarius, 2001

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Aquarius: January, 21st- February, 19th. This article applies to Aquarians during 2001.


Those born under the sign of Aquarius are characterised by their great passion for mystery and prove to have a fighting spirit in facing the problems of everyday life. They tend to excel in everything and are therefore inclined both to occupy leading positions and to achieve a widespread support in their professional surrounding. They are inclined to the new technologies and inventions mostly, and there are actually a lot of scientists born under this sign, as geniality is often predominating. In the presence of negative aspects the Aquarius type becomes tyrannical, their behaviour becomes drastic and they do not manage to control their uneasiness, which often turns into a negative attitude to people from their surrounding. For example, in the presence of important negative aspects with Pluto, they could even become dangerous. Aquarius is known as a refined person with original taste, their house is arranged in a perfect style and the furnishing is usually special. We could say the same about the way they dress, as it is usually quite original. Their attitude to people is generally polite; they are well-mannered, love nature and respect everything that surrounds them, if it does not interfere with their way of life.

Positive Days: 1/25/2001, 1/26/2001, 1/28/2001, 2/11/2001, 2/17/2001.

Negative Days: 1/27/2001, 2/5/2001, 2/9/2001.

Love and Eros

Thanks to the favours of Venus in your sign during the first days of January, you will start 2001 full of great psychophysical energy. Uranus, the planet representing the unforeseen and sudden events, will be in your sigh during the whole 2001. These planetary factors will have a positive influence on your love life, making you charming and full of fantasy. The relationships in the couple will go through a period of regeneration. Most of the problems will be solved and consequently the afflictions in the couple will decrease. Those born under this sign will have the opportunity to carry out the projects done during the last year. During the period April-May 2001, those who are single will have the opportunity to start a new relationship and will be even more fortunate during the summer period, as they will be able to make a lot of new acquaintances, especially between the 7th and the 9th of July, when the Moon will enter your sign, favouring the new unions. The old people of this sign will be able to find new stimulus and if they have had some problems and difficulties, they will be able to overcome them, especially during the period March-April 2001.

Work and Money

During 2001 you will have to face a lot of new situations. The first few months will be positive from professional point of view, as you will have the opportunity to put your financial situation right and you will be able to cover the expenses you have made during the last year, thanks to a really positive period around March 2001. Those who are looking for a new job will have an excellent opportunity, which will greatly satisfy their needs and will be able to increase their income and fulfil their ambitions also. Those who are satisfied with their jobs could get generous rewards and unexpected gains during this period, they could also get words of appreciation from a superior, who did not recognise their merits and did not support their initiatives before. The freelance will be really fortunate in September and October 2001, as during that period they will have the opportunity to put their economical situation right and to settle the outstanding questions regarding their employees and the state.


Those born under this sign have usually problems connected with the spleen and the ankles. So I suggest a well balanced diet, especial during the months of July and September 2001, as during that period you will tend to exceed in your diet, which could cause some small problems as poor digestion, a feeling of heaviness, heartburn and inflammation in general. During the period June-July 2001, you should be also very careful while driving your car and should pay attention to the cutting objects. Besides these few adjustments, generally speaking you appear to be in good health, you could only suffer a few colds during the change of seasons, but your energy and shape will not suffer seriously.

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