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Astrological Emphasis: Capricorn, 2001

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Capricorn: 22 December, 2000 - 20 January, 2001. This article applies to Capricorns during 2001.


Those born under this sign, ruled by Saturn, have a strong practical sense. They have a strong constitution, a prominent bone structure and strong muscles. They are ready to face life with great determination, have a strong character and are inflexible about their principles. Their personality is serious and ambitious and they are usually able to achieve the preset goals. They often put their personality under discussion with a critical sense that makes them become intransigent even to themselves. Their most important virtues are patience and meticulousness. In life, they are quite attached to the material world, which represent for them stability. They are rather sensitive, especially about logical and rational values and usually do not like depending on others, as it could make them feel depressed and unfulfilled. They are gifted by an excellent mind and also have a certain flair for manual work as handcrafts and agriculture. The women of this sign fulfil their ideals after reaching stability in family. They tend to isolate themselves and usually live the relationships in a negative way, because of repetitiveness. Those born under this sign are usually sceptical, especially to things, which are not logical or not clearly defined.

Positive Days:
Thursday 28/12,
Saturday 30/12,
Friday 5/1,
Sunday 7/1,
Friday 12/1

Negative Days: Sunday 31/12,
Tuesday 2/1,
Friday 19/1

Love and Eros

During this period you will be really fortunate and you will be able to solve most of the communication problems and the discussions in your love life, so your inner balance will be great and will be able to seize the opportunities which life offers with determination and a perfect timing. On the 26th of December, the Moon goes into Capricorn and during that day your imagination and the charm you display will be favoured, so nobody will be able to say no or contradict you. The young ones of this sign will have the opportunity to start an important love story, to make conquests, to spend pleasant evenings in the company of close friends and will be more malleable than usual and listen to the problems of people with understanding and participation. The older ones of this sign will manage to improve their relationship, to solve the old misunderstandings and will also have the opportunity to take some important decisions, regarding events of the future life as a couple together with their partner. On the contrary, the old people of this sign will have some small family misunderstandings, which will influence their mood and their everyday life.

Work and Money

In work, you will be able to solve the problems and your initiatives will be successful. Thanks to your optimism new businesses will be favoured and you could even be given an opportunity of changing your working position. January 2001 turns out to be really fortunate for you, as it will be a period of great satisfaction. You will be able to take your revenge over those colleagues, who did not believe in your objectives. You could get a wage rise and some new gratifying duties. You could also get a new professional qualification, which will open the way to personal prestige and unexpected professional satisfaction. This could be a happy period for those who like investing on the Stock Market, as their stocks could bring great profits and improve their finances. The real estate stocks investments are also favoured, so if you intend to buy a house, this period will be favourable, as the Stars will support you.


Those born under this sign are inclined to melancholy and such pathologies as depressions. They could also suffer from arthritis and other diseases with a long-term course. Usually they have a strong constitution and when they suffer some disorder, they are ready to fight it with their strong will and do never fear the negative events, but face them courageously and with great determination. During this period of the year, the health of the Capricorn is perfect, except for some small problems with the spinal cord. They could also take a flue, typical for this season, which could make debilitate them for some time and obstacle their everyday engagements. The young ones should be careful about dangerous sports, as they could get hurt. The mature ones of this sign will be in great psychophysical shape, while the old ones will risk some problems, connected with the change of seasons.

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