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Readings are Like Roadmaps

Author: James A. Hamilton

(Explaining to the querent)

"Before we get started I'd like to explain what it is I do. I'll be using my Tarot cards & my psychic abilities to tune into you. I will be focusing primarily on the next 30 days of your life -(using 12 house Astrology spread)- to see where you'll be heading if you continue to travel along the path that you are currently on. My reading of the cards is similar to having powerful binoculars which enables me to see the road miles ahead to check for potential obstacles and road blocks. In this way we can suggest & prepare alternative solutions to reroute you on to a side road thus circumventing any potential conflicts.

Naturally, there are problems in your life right now everyone has them to some extent...some major.. most minor. The minor issues can be likened to a slow leak in your car's tire. You realize that the problem exists & to temporarily fix it you occasionally pull into the gas station to fill it with air. Soon you'll probably get it repaired or replaced...not a huge worry but more of an aggravation. Then there are the major issues like job & relationship security which can be likened to driving along & suddenly BANG!

You've just blown the tire. If you elect to keep driving you'll ruin your axle & damage your car...& possibly your life & the life of the car's occupants. Ignoring the problem tends to only makes matters worse. If you choose to pull off to the side of the road to seek assistance & repair in the end it will save you a great deal of time, money, & frustration. This reading is such assistance...on the road of life you've chosen to pull over to ask for directions rather than blindly following the traffic. You want to take personal responsibility for your future. Now that you've found me....I can show you the map but you must make the journey. Alright, let us begin, please relax your mind with me as I tune into you.

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