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Balancing Deficient Elements

Author: James A. Hamilton

Analgous to mineral deficency a person lacking the presence of natal Planets in a particular element will also need to establish practical methods in order to balance the element in question. An example of a deficiency would be:

Earth 1

Air 4

Fire 3

Water 4

The person is obviously Earth deficient which is represented by the element with the least Planetary emphasis. The following info offers useful techniques for incorporating a deficient element into your current lifestyle. The idea is to seek out what you do not inherently possess either independently or in the company of someone who does possess the deficient element.


EARTH work with the Earth; gardening, camping, landscaping, stargazing, keep indoor plants, eat root vegetables, rebudget your finances, build something with your hands, wear brown

AIR work with the mind; read more, communicate your ideas, surf the
Internet, write about your experiences, keep a journal watch The Discovery Channel, talk on the phone, wear yellow

FIRE work with action; exercise, martial arts, initiate activities, jog,
take walks, play with children, compete, dance, display impulsiveness, burn
cinnamon candles, wear red

WATER work with emotions; sort out your feelings, cry, express your
emotions, display affection, hug, work with psychic energies, meditate, go
swimming, drink more water, wear blue

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