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mental shock, bleedings, public appearance, fatty substance

Ambra grisea

Author: Anja Heij

Ambergris is a fatty substance from the intestine of a whale. Personally I am very curious what brought someone to the idea of testing this stuff for its healing properties. One thing is for sure: this person did a good job.

Ambra is the solution for the shy or nervous and sensitive person who's mind goes completely blank when others are around. In company or public appearance they are unable to perform even simple things. Their mind is filled with nothingness, confusion and embarrassment. In company they blush and tremble and cannot think anymore. Somehow the mind becomes 'locked up'. Conversation even makes it worse, thoughts disappear in the middle of a sentence, making oneself clear is impossible.

Another sign of the embarrassment Ambra experiences is the impossibility of having stool when others are near.

Why do these things happen?
Persons who need this remedy are nervous and easily excited. Their nervous system is out of balance because of

  • longtime overwork in combination with sleeplessness. Being 'worn out'
  • severe exhaustion together with great sensitivity to outward impressions
  • mental shock (great disappointments, bad luck in business, or deaths)
  • general weakness in old persons
  • weakness and sleeplessness in anemic persons
  • feelings of failure or embarrassment.

An expression of Ambra's weakness is a feeling of numbness in several body parts, or numbness of the complete body in the morning.
Ambra can be a good remedy for old people: The hearing or eye sight is diminished without organic disfunctioning. The circulation is weak. Bleedings easily appear. The body can feel cold, but there can also be pulsations all over the body. Other symptoms are trembling, unstable walking, dizzyness, jumping from one subject to another without waiting for an answer, thoughts disappear.

These people feel worse through music, the presence of others, anything else than regular things.
They feel better by slow movements in the open air.

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