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Anacardium orientale

Author: Anja Heij

Anacardium is made of the Marking Nut, a tree that produces ink, and people who need this remedy somehow want to leave their mark. They are led by a strong need to constantly prove themselves out of a great lack of self-confidence.

They have lost their self-confidence in a personal history of abuse; they have often been beaten, despised, humiliated or sexually abused by people who taught them that they were absolutely worthless. The typical reaction of an Anacardium-personality is "I will show them all!" They demand a lot of themselves and will never give up proving that they do have their value and their qualities.

Anacardiums feel a lot of anger inside, based on a sense of inferiority and dissatisfaction. The combination of a heavy inner aggression together with a great lack of self-confidence lead to cruel and aggressive behaviour only when they feel safe. These are the people who only dare to attack when they are in company of some 'soul mates', or who only hit when nobody notices it, or when their victim has no possibility to defend himself. Expressing their cruel and sadist side provides them a sense of superiority and pleasure, in fact it is some sort of revenge on what has occurred to them. This can also be the dictator, lacking radiance and self-confidence, but forcing people to obey him by harshness. Anacardiums feel an irresistible desire to curse and swear. Yet on a consultation they often act sweet and soft, expressing grief.

Anacardium-characters have an inner duality; they feel they have a dark, evil side and a lighter side fighting it. It is the sense of an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other one, as if he has two wills, antagonism with himself. I think this can be explained as follows: they are no bad people (the light side, the angel), but their great pain has conjured up such an amount of anger and aggression that it has taken shape of an inner person (the dark side, the devil). Often these people hear voices, commanding them to do things or to hurt themselves! In a later stadium they can become schizophrenic.

These people feel a strong irresolution and a sudden loss of memory; everything seems to be as in a dream. If you are in a situation of suppression it does not matter what decision you take, they are all wrong anyway, so for Anacardiums it somehow makes sense to be irresolute. Another reason for their irresolution is their inner duality; they don't know whether they should choose for their good or their evil part. They have two trains of thought, and the delusion of being double. Their memory is weak or very confused; their paralyzed thinking is a result of great fear. Please note that Anacardium is a great remedy for the blackouts during an examination, occurring when you have studied real hard yet kept the idea of "not knowing it".

A very special symptom is this: in glass they see the reflection of everybody except for themselves! (I have literally heard a woman say this).

They have complaints on the left side of the body or starting in the left body. Many feelings of constriction, as if there is a band around a part of the body, or as if there is a plug in inner parts. Problems with the knees. Bulimia and anorexia nervosa.

Anacardiums feel worse by mental exertion and anger, and many symptoms disappear while eating.

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