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bladder inflammation, painful blisters, warm surroundings, honey bee

Apis mellifica (Bee Poison)

Author: Anja Heij

Apis is homoeopathic potentized poison of the honey bee.
Ever felt the sting of a bee or wasp? Then you know exactly what kind of pains this remedy cures:

Apis will heal burning, stinging and sore pains that get worse by touch, heat or pressure and get less by cold. Usually these pains are accompanied by oedema, swelling or blister-like skin eruptions that are very sensitive to touch and pressure.
Symptoms often start on the right side of the body.
The skin is hot and dry. Yet the patient has no thirst.
Both the physical symptoms and the mental state of the patient aggravate in warm surroundings.

Apis can be helpful in many cases, as long as the above described characteristics are present:

  • after a bit or sting of an insect or other animal, for instance jelly-fish
  • blisters on your feet
  • pain and swelling of burns
  • urination with burning, stinging pain (bladder inflammation)
  • other inflammations with burning, stinging pain; for instance of the throat, kidney, liver, ovary, rheumatic inflammations
  • skin eruptions with heat, redness, burning pain and possible swelling (like measles, scarlatina, urticaria)
  • allergic reactions with swelling and burning pain
  • meningitis with braincry; sudden piercing screams of children in their sleep.

Apis characters behave a bit like bees: they are very protective towards persons around them and can be jealous at newcomers. They spend many buzy hours with looking up things and organizing those around them. They are restless, nervous and irritable. When opposed they will show their stinging emotional side.
If an Apis personality is ill, he/she will be very sad, crying all the time, expecting problems everywhere. They will be restless, dissatisfied and clumsy, letting things fall. These people can get ill from jealousy, fright, anger, vexation or bad news.
(This psychological image can be helpful in understanding the chronic Apis complaints, like allergic reactions. But in acute cases like measles, burns or painful blisters on your feet please forget it. Check if the characteristics of the symptoms of the patient match the characteristics of Apis - and give/take the remedy.)

Apis symptoms aggravate by warmth, touch, pressure, in the afternoon.
The patient feels better by cold (for instant washing with cold water), fresh air.

Important: Don't take Apis in a potency lower than C30 when you are pregnant!

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