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white arsenic, medical encyclopedias, nervous exhaustion, strong poison

Arsenicum album (Arsenic)

Author: Anja Heij

This remedy is made of white arsenic oxide; in the raw, pure form it provides a strong poison and in the potentiated forms it turns out to be a great medicine.

The basic idea in homoeopathic Arsenicum is fearful anxiety, restlessness and nervous exhaustion.

Arsenicum-personalities are great organizers; they work hard and purposeful. They are ambitious people, competitive; they like to be the best. They are proud of their achievements. Delegation is difficult for them because they wish to stay in control. They are convinced that they are right.
Arsenicum-bosses or -parents or -teachers will try to get the best out of their employees, children or students, but they will probably do it in a dominant way. If they notice that you try to give your best, they will support you a 100 %, but if they find that you don't give yourself totally to the good cause, they can completely let you down and consider that very rightful. These are very critical people who will inform you clearly about their sympathy and their antipathy - and be sure that there is nothing in between.

Arsenicums are perfectionists, attending every detail. These are the persons that won't rest before the paintings hang perfectly straight, or who will verify the maid's work by checking if there's any dust left in hidden corners.
An Arsenicum-personality who feels well is worth his or her weight in gold for an organization, but if they are unbalanced they will be nervous, restless, deeply worried and they can be burned out.

These people feel a great anxiety about their health, their own wellbeing and that of loved ones. Somehow they always foresee bad things happening to people they care about. I think this can at least be partly explained by their great fear of death.
Their anxiety about their health shows itself in several ways. They will read medical encyclopedias and go from doctor to doctor, assuming that their disease is incurable. As a patient they can be quite demanding asking for help, explaining their complaints in detail and making sure that you'll understand how serious their situation is. They will take exaggerated precautions to avoid infections and decayed food. They can obsessively clean their house and themselves, etc. Arsenicums also show great interest in the health of others.

Arsenicum-characters fear poverty very much. They are afraid of thieves and will hide their money everywhere. Possessions give them some feeling of security.

They like to be surrounded by people to calm down their fear of thieves, their insecurity about their health, their fear of death and their fear to be alone. The basic fear of Arsenicums is that life itself is beyond control. They try to get hold on life by dividing it into strict schemes, structures and sequences.

Of course all this fear and anxiety leads to physical exhaustion and to restlessness in people who have an industrious and nervous character. And the greater the suffering the greater the anguish, restlessness and fear of death. Arsenicums can also react very irritable and they are easily offended.
If they feel they can't take anymore, or if they find themselves in a situation they can't alter, they can become indifferent and depressed. In this situation they might try to find relief in alcoholics.

Arsenicums feel worse during the dark hours of the night, when the unconsciousness takes over the daily control. Especially between 1.00 and 3.00 o'clock all their symptoms aggravate. They are very restless sleepers, constantly changing position, or moving from one bed to another in order to find relief for the tortured mind and exhausted body. Fears and worries will keep them sleepless or cause nightmares.

These are very chilly persons often experiencing burning pains. Cold in general, as well as cold food or drinks will aggravate their condition. Although they feel a great thirst for cold water they will only take small sips of it at a time.

Well-known complaints are problems with the bronchial tubes like asthma, bronchitis and colds. The digestion can be disturbed because of sensitiveness of the organs, as a reaction on cold or decayed food, or caused by fears and worries. This will lead to diarrhea with an offensive odor. There is a tendency to bleedings, like hemorrhoids with a stitching and burning pain. This is an important medicine for skin-eruptions and allergies. Infections can lead to ulcers, gangrene or malignancy.
Arsenicum symptoms return or aggravate periodically.

There is a general amelioration from heat, except for the headaches - these are better by cold applications. Furthermore Arsenicums feel better in company.

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