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Aurum metallicum (Gold)

Author: Anja Heij

Aurum is gold. Astrology places the metal gold under reign of the Sun. Through nuclear reactions the Sun generates its own energy. The planets are born from the Sun; the Sun is in a way the father/mother of the family of our solar system. All life on the diverse planets depends on the Sun. Now, knowing this about the Sun, it is understandable that people who need Aurum have a very strong feeling of responsibility and the idea that they have to solve all their problems by themselves.

In astrology the Sun symbolizes our core, our spirit, our individuality, our deepest self. Astrology associates the Sun with these qualities: courage, self-consciousness, self-trust, self-respect, nobleness, sense of honor, human dignity, the truth in your heart, vitality, radiance, life-force. And indeed, in balanced Aurum-people these characteristics are clearly visible. In unbalanced Aurum-characters however - and these are the persons who need the homoeopatic Aurum - the Sun seems to have stopped shining: instead of radiating their own individuality they show a tendency to annihilate the I. Aurum is known for its merciless self-criticism, self-condemnation and very deep depressions with often a suicidal disposition.

Aurum-personalities are correct, honest and responsible people with some sort of natural leadership (remember the central position of the Sun). They are ambitious, work hard and are often successful. Money, gold, a material position is important, because they represent appreciation. Aurum-characters demand the utmost from themselves and the persons in their surroundings. Failure is not an option. They really give themselves to succeed in their life-goal, and if that does not work out well they consider everything to be lost. They keep themselves totally responsible for failures, punishing themselves with heavy self-criticism and the idea that their whole life is completely ruined when something goes wrong. They can even have the feeling of being fallen out of the divine grace.

So Aurums can suffer very much inside. Criticism of others touches them right into their heart, but they also undermine themselves with self-criticism; they can be so much out of balance that in their desperation and severe depression suicide is considered to be the only way out. Yet their pain and sorrow can remain totally unnoticed by their surroundings. Aurums namely don't easily give up, they keep on working as long as possible, they try to solve their own problems, they try to keep their dignity and they don't talk easily about their deep feelings. From time to time you read stories about a businessman who built up a large company by hard working, the last time troubles arose, there was a chance of going bankrupt, but the man positively tried to save his company, worked 18 hours a day, his employees had faith that he would make it, and suddenly one day he jumped out of the window and was found dead, while nobody around him had any idea of his inner suffering. Now this man definitely was an Aurum.

The Indian homoeopath Sankaran places this central feeling with Aurum: the eldest child from a family with an absent father, so this child has to take too much responsibility. Indeed I have experienced that Aurum cases quite often appear in families with only one parent (by divorce, or by early death of a parent) or in families with a chronic sick child or parent, so a stronger person within that family has to take over too many tasks or to grow up too soon.

Aurum-personalities can develop complaints because of: (self) criticism, grief, loss of a love-relationship, death of loved ones, bankruptcy, loss of money, loss of dignity, offence, heavy emotions like anger, irritability and disappointment. They can become very obstinate when they are under pressure. You won't be surprised that Aurums feel better during daytime: the sunshine makes their darkness a little bit lighter. Also classical or religious music help (often these people are religious), as well as being outdoors. At night they feel worse.

Well-known Aurum-complaints are depression, heart-problems, terrible pains in bones and joints, severe headaches. But also other complaints are possible.

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