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Baptisia tinctoria (Wild Indigo)

Author: Anja Heij

The source for this remedy is the wild indigo plant. The Northern American Indians discovered the anti-bacterial properties of this herb and they used it for paint.

Baptisia is an acute remedy for cases of quickly arising infections and inflammations, leading to critical situations within several days. Think of it in cases of serious flu with fever, typhoid or typhus.
The person suddenly falls severely ill, gets fever (not always) and becomes dull and stuporous. Almost from the beginning of the illness he makes the impression of being drunk or drugged.
In several days he feels completely exhausted. His face is discolorated and swollen, black blood leaves his mouth, the belly is swollen, he raves, looks as if he has drunk far too much and reaches a semi-comatous condition. All his muscles feel bruised and all body discharges smell offensive.
Halfway a sentence he will fall asleep. Or he answers correctly but falls back into his delirium or stupor immediately afterwards.
The tongue is swollen, dry and cracked; the throat is purplish-red and swollen. No wonder that these persons can only swallow liquids, consuming food is impossible. There is also a feeling of constriction in the gullet.

Characteristic is the prostration of Baptisia: he cannot go to sleep because he has to gather his parts together he thinks. He is searching for lost body-parts in his bed. Or he thinks that he is two or even three persons and he cannot find rest until he has covered all persons. Or he thinks that his body-parts are communicating with each other; his great toe is for instance talking to his thumb. This is ofcourse the delirium of a severe ill person.

Baptisia has a sudden diarrhoa. The patient prefers to lie on one side.
Moisty heat aggravates their condition.
Walking around in fresh air ameliorates.

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