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barium carbonate, swollen tonsils, fear of strangers, baryta

Baryta carbonica (Barium Carbonate)

Author: Anja Heij

This is barium carbonate, one of the substances found in the body. If the body contains too little barium growth processes are slowed down.

The homoeopathic Baryta can be used for people of all ages; the main characteristic is that they don't behave according to their age. Children are behind in their development, adults behave childish and old people act like children again.
Baryta-characters show delayed development on the physical, emotional and mental plane.

Children are very late in walking and talking. They have difficulty learning at school because they don't easily comprehend things, they cannot make combinations and they do not remember. These are the children you have to tell the same thing a hundred times, and still their mind seems to be blank.
They are shy but docile. In company they will hide away and keep quiet. They will behave like much younger children who strongly need the protection of a parent or save surroundings. Baryta's simply don't understand all that happens around them, because their mind cannot deal with several options at the same time. Therefore they will hang on to the safety of the family and rather stay by themselves instead of making friends.
It are children who don't play, while playing is very important for a child's development.

Their incapability to understand the complexity of the world leads to a fear of strangers, a fear of being criticized or laughed at, and a worry for the wellbeing of relatives since they fear to loose their protection.
Baryta's are very chilly, easily catching a cold, then developing one of their strong characteristics: hard and swollen tonsils.

When the children grow older you will notice another Baryta-phenomenon: several organs remain underdeveloped, especially the genitals. Girls can have underdeveloped brests and start menstruating at a very late age. Sexual desire is often low, or restricted to masturbation.

Baryta grown-ups are late in choosing a partner. They may choose a much older partner (and behave very dependent) or a partner who takes over the role of the parent.
Don't be surprised if a 35 years old Baryta man brings his mother with at a consultation, or if he still lives with her and she manages all his administration, appointments, etc.
Baryta's have difficulties with taking responsibilities, appearing in public and making choices. They show a great irresolution. They are late in becoming a parent, or they choose not to have children because they still feel like a child themselves.

In conversations they can make remarks that absolutely make no sense, showing that they did not get the point. And they can have big fun with childish jokes. In company of children these adults can be afraid, because they realize that these younger people are smarter and mentally quicker than they are.
Baryta-men grow bold at early age, as if they move immediately from childhood to old age. They can early develop complaints with the prostate.

In old age Baryta can help people who again behave like children. The physical reason for this can be atherosclerosis/dementia.

Baryta-personalities can have a baby-face, but they can also look much older than they actually are.
They may sense that they are inhaling the smoke of tobacco while they are surrounded by fresh air.

Baryta's love eggs. They very much like or dislike sweets.
They often dislike fruits, especially plums and bananas.

They feel worse by company, cold and moisty weather, by lying on their painful side, and by sunheat.
And they feel better when they are alone and warm clothed.