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Bellis perennis

Author: Anja Heij

This small plant was already used in medieval times to heal wounds and bruises.
The secret is that Bellis contains a substance which contracts the muscles in the veins; therefore the blood will circulate well again on places of venous congestion.

Bellis perennis is the first remedy that comes to mind in damage of deeper body tissues, like after a great operation. It promotes the healing process, it stops or prevents suppuration, it will take off the painful pressure of wounds and soothe the pain of nerves being cut through. It is well known for its curing purposes on organs in the belly and pelvis.
Affected body-parts hurt intensely and cannot be touched. The whole belly region feels bruised.
It can also help pregnant women who experience a bruised feeling in the womb, making it difficult to walk.

And there's another reason why Bellis perennis is used for belly complaints: it comes at hand in stomach complaints after drinking icy cold drinks or consuming ice-cream in an over-heated body, because that will seriously slow down the blood circulation in the stomach. The result ofcourse is pain, bloating and a bruised feeling in the belly.

Following this trail we can understand that Bellis is also helpful in other complaints resulting from cooling down of the body. Think of painful muscles or rheumatic pains with a bruised feeling

And last but not least: like Arnica Bellis is a great trauma remedy for the immediate or longterm effects from falls, injuries, hits or accidents.

Bellis perennis pains get worse by warmth and touch.
Usually proceded movements and cold applications ameliorate.

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