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nervous confusion, mental exertion, downward motion, downward movement


Author: Anja Heij

Borax is natriumtetraborate, biborate of soda.
The main characteristic in this remedy is the great fear of downward motions.
This ofcourse makes Borax a great remedy for babies: just look at the downward motion of laying a baby in a crib or bed, rocking a baby or carrying a child down the stairs.
But also consider other downward motions, like the rhytms of horse-riding, rapidly going down hill, being on a boat or in an airplane, dancing and swinging.
Borax will cure travel disease if that is caused by downward motion.

The cause for this great sensitivity to motion is a heightened sensitivity of the senses in nervous and worried persons. They are easily frightened by music, sound, excitement or unexpected news. Especially the downward motion aggravates all complaints in these sensitive people. These movements cause nervous confusion and a great deal of dizziness.

Borax is an important remedy for babies.
Often the birth was traumatic. Or the baby came over time. These children are very quiet and only drink a little bit.
In case of jaundice after birth they sleep a lot. In their sleep they sometimes scream without particular reason, but for the rest they don't make a sound. They do not easily gain weight and wake up often. These babies are very sensitive to sound and movement in general.

There are many complaints of aphtae in the mouth and on the tongue, causing problems with eating and nursing the child.

They feel worse by downward movement, by sound, excitement and mental exertion.
Feeling better by pressure. The mental symptoms ameliorate after 23.00 hours.

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