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fear of poverty, stomach complaints, inner personality, warm drinks


Author: Anja Heij

The key-note in this remedy is the need to remain absolutely motionless, because even the slightest movement (like moving the eye) makes this person feels worse.
He/she will physically remain motionless, emotionally remain motionless (wishing to be left alone) and mentally remain motionless (the dull head leaves no room for thoughts or conversations).
At the same time these persons feel better by strong pressure, like laying on the painful side or holding the painful body part.
This combination of being unable to bear the slightest movement or trembling, and the amelioration by pressure makes Bryonia an important remedy in the treatment of appendicitis.

Bryonia complaints develop themselves slowly. In chronic cases, like arthritis, the patient gets worse over a period of several years. In acute cases, like flu, it will take the patient a day or three to develop fever.
Although Bryonia's tend to remain motionless the pains can become so severe that they have to move to prevent going crazy. But the other great characteristics: worse by warmth and better by cold and pressure remain.
Typical Bryonia pains are violent and stinging.

Usually these persons have great thirst because of dryness of the mucous membranes; they wish to consume any liquid with a preference for sour drinks. In case of stomach complaints they prefer to have warm drinks.
They lack appetite.

Bryonia characters are independent, hard working and responsible persons taking care of those around them. Being the type of a loner they do not have many friends or social contacts. They get irritated by any intrusion and prefer to solve problems by themselves.
They may look strong outside, but the inner personality is filled with vulnerability and insecurity. In this remedy picture this insecurity expresses itself in the financial sphere as a great fear of poverty. In a delirium they mostly talk of business.
The Greek homoeopath G. Vithoulkas explains their preoccupation with financial security as a replacement for the emotional security others may derive from the contact network of family and friends.

Ill Bryonia's are irritated and tired.
Most complaints start on the right side of the body, except problems with the bronchial tubes which usually start on the right side.
This remedy is often used in

  • respiratory complaints, pneumonia
  • rheumatic pains
  • problems with the digestion
  • pressing and bursting headache and migraine
  • influenza.

Bryonia's feel worse by any touch or movement, warmth, after 9 o'clock in the evening, and after eating.
They prefer absolute rest, cold air and cold applications (cold washing, or a cold cloth on a painful head), strong pressure on the painful body-part.

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