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Bufo rana (Toad Poison)

Author: Anja Heij

Homoeopathic Bufo is made from the poison of the toad. The toad releases his poison when he is teased or irritated; it can paralyze a dog.
The Chinese were the first to apply dried toad poison for a variety of complaints.

The American homoeopath J.T. Kent performed the first homoeopathic provings with this substance. And he found that Bufo suits people who are mentally retarded. They remain simple and childish.
Often Bufo characters retain moist and look a bit inflated and stuporous. They are prostrated, mentally weak and slowly develop backwards towards insanity. Their memory is very weak.
Usually these people are passive, quiet, apathic, silly, but they also have their wild phases. Then they get excited and run like madmen through the house, biting at things, grabbing things, giggling about anything. At the same time they are afraid that something terrible is going to happen and they worry about their health.
Bufo's talk nonsense but get angry when they feel misunderstood.
They often make licking movements with the tongue.

A Bufo life foremost is a life on the instinctive plane.
These people have a strong sexual desire with a need for immediate satisfaction. They masturbate a lot. Bufo's tend to keep their hands at their genitals almost all the time.
Men can suffer from impotence or premature ejaculation; women can have a burning sensation in the womb or the ovaries.

Bufo is almost exclusively a remedy for complaints with the nervous system.
It is useful in treating mental retardation in children.
And it is a good remedy for epilepsia. Bufo's can suddenly fall on the ground in an epileptic attack with a terrifying scream. Before an epileptic attach they cannot stand music or shining objects. It is also possible that a sensation of unrest in the belly precedes an epileptic attack. After the epileptic attack they have a terrible headache.
They can feel electric shocks all over the body. There are muscle cramps. And they can make trembling movements like Parkinson's disease. Body parts can be both numb or super sensitive.

Another characteristic is the excretion of bloody moist: nose bleedings, bloody saliva, throwing up blood, copious menstruation, bloody mothermilk, bloody vaginal fluids. The strange thing is that having bleedings make them feel better.

Discharges smell offensive.
The skin often suppurates and releases a yellowish, burning and itching substance.

Symptoms are worse at night (then they have the most epileptic attacks), during menstruation and in a warm room.
They feel better in the morning and in cool air.

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