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beginning of the journey, metal needle, spring metal, cosmic voyage

The Fool

Author: Charly

Coming to Birth thru the material
Born to the planet thru meat
Open wide gates of the female
I am born cosmic joker.
Pan-God of the universe supreme
Promise of invention reassured
As I, Sun, of the newborn
Come alive from the dark.
King of the unseen, I declare,
Conquerer of the unknown, I do say,
Traveller of the cosmic voyage
I come to be born anew.
I, at the beginning of the journey,
Come full force like a spring
Metal needle standing up
Like a prick of steel
Male protrusion from the universe
Womb of all existence
I come forth, declaring
Seal of eternity on my lips
I give forth all
Inside to the outside
Macro to the micro
Seal of power
Washed upon the shores
Cosmic universe
Lapping at my feet

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