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The Priestess

Author: Charly

Surrendered to Divine Mother I be
Pouring river of thy love supreme
Light born from thy dark womb
I gathered fury of thy reign.
Given to thy smile eternal
Womb of thy heart manifesting
Music of thy string cheering
Notes of thy flute singing
Given to thy majesty supreme
Hole that knows no end
I, atoms of thy nucleus bursting
Surrendered all of life to thee
Every corner of my turn thy will supreme
To thee highest huntress / enchantress
I fling myself to thy bosom
Suck thy nectar of life
I be born to thee magick
Sweet fruit of my breath
Thru thy nostrils breathe I
Thy sight my eyes humbly do see
Mother Divine, thy son,
Does rest forever,
In thy well shot forward
Lightning bolt of fate
I thy gathered light
finger into darkness
Thy writes my fate
Holy Mother Divine.

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