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fine shape, natural creation, light focus, beautiful mother

The Empress

Author: Charly

Beautiful Mother Divine
Creator of the highest and noble
Beauty builder of raw creation
Project of wonder to finishing
She is love to inspire in nature
Born of the elements to complete
Finesse and delicate maker of
Tiny and wonderous design.
She comes to form content
Give fine shape to the world
Dance and whirl and dazzle
Light focus of the ultimate beauty
Natural creation lifts the imagination
Imagination the pouring cup from our eyes
Our eyes mirrors of wonderous
Universal beauty untold
And we the voice inquisitive speaking
Bearing fruit from trees unknown
Given forth abandoned from what source
We know not but confirmed limitless
Universal darkness full of light unseen
No end to birth coming forth
No limit to possible form
Contents unseen and undetermined
We but brushes painting
We but canvass unrolling
Beautiful Artist Divine
Mother ever inventing...

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