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power of the earth, heart power, moving mountains, sovereigns

The Emperor

Author: Charly

He sits a King determined
Like the rams at his side
He is power personified
Warrior maximum his heart
Power of the Earth blooms from his core
Full is the universe in his head
Unstoppable his strength to victory
This the King in us all.
Power of sovereigns in our blood
Born conqueror in this world
Slave or king we are born
The universe shouts in our veins
We move forward Kings.
Let blossom the flower of iron
Release the great force within
The strength moving mountains
Open wide the fulcrum of self
Fierce mouth of power
Volcanoe opening of truth
Surrender to the King inside.
Enormous supreme infinity
We, the crown of Mastery,
We, Kings of the World
Universal sovereign in our Birth
Hail Great King...

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