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victorious warriors, earth goddess, unknown spirits, burning candles

Promise of the Universe

Author: Charly

The walls of time peel away like fruit
The gem of life shines untarnished
Friendship and love turn like the world
Names and people spring eternal in our garden
The abundant Universe makes full our cup.

And we, victorious warriors of a shining star
Reach for the sky with our lives
Our souls like ships into the unknown
Spirits of a new world forever growing.

And the twist and turn of fate like a snake
Brings full the night like a train
Against the sky full of dark light
As the eyes of the cat shine green
The heart noble screams like a rocket
The adventure of the unknown bright.

And we children of a night seeking stars
Burning candles in search of the Allmighty
Surging in our blood for greatness
We, never abandoning the bridge
To other world undiscovered
We, never dismissing the unlimited
We, never accepting the small.

We, warriors of the huge,
We, mirrors of the unknown
We, voyagers unafraid
We, born infinite...
We mighty children of Earth
Goddess force supreme
Words never falling lightly
But words huge like our actions
Actions bringing forth the Universe
Mightly hand of all our lives

Art, the mighty mistress of Universe,
We, greatness of time...
We, unlimited mind...
Fierce bold power of dreams
Fear receding to the backward universe.

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