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Cannabis indica (Indian Hemp)

Author: Anja Heij

This is the Latin name for Indian hemp, the beautiful hashish-plant. So it is not surprising that this remedy picture has many elements of a so called bad trip, although homoeopathic Cannabis also may be indicated for persons who never use drugs but express the same symptoms.

There are two different types of Cannabis indica patients: a happy and relaxed emotional one and an unhappy and difficult mental one.

The very happy spaced out type is the easiest to recognize.
They laugh immoderately about anything and take things very light. "Don't worry, be happy!" They live by their emotions and prefer not to use the mind. These Flower Power-type persons often feel light, floating, off the ground, blissful and ecstatic. Their very high emotions can be alternated with grief and crying.

The mental type is very serious and theorizing. It are exhausting patients who take their time to explain you extensively the how's and why's of everything, but if you listen closely you'll discover that their theories have no beginning and no end and absolutely make no sense. At the same time this type can be desperate and suspicious; they try to keep control (this is one reason for all their explanatory theories) but feel that someone or something is taking over. This can result in weird stories like: "I used to be a telepathic genius and I had a wonderful spiritual relationship with her sensing all her needs and emotions. But then this jealous guy came along and he must have used black magic for I felt that he cut out my third eye and destroyed my whole universe. I felt a big bang in my brains and I thought I would die. All my talents are ruined forever and there is a burning whole in my head; I used to have an absolute memory but cannot remember anything anymore. I go through horrible phases seeing black ghosts everywhere. I knew that something terrible was going to happen; I saw a psychic who told me that I would find the solution in a newspaper"...and on and on it goes.

Both types of Cannabis patients further show the following symptoms and sensations:
All the senses are intensified what results in desorientation in time and space. In their inner world things happen very fast and vivid; therefore they experience the outside world as being dull and slow, what leads to the symptom 'time passes too slowly.'
They also experience disorders in place and space: they can feel far removed from things although they are near, they feel like travelling or floating away, and bodyparts feel like shrunken in size. But they can also have the delusion that the body is enlarged, double or divided.
Colors seem brighter and music sounds louder; they hear voices, bells or music (I know someone who heard an orchestra playing on the rooftop).
They suffer from megalomania (notice the super memory and the super telepathic abilities the person in the above described story claims to have). Cannabis personalities can think that they are divine, Christ himself, an officer of some other very important person.
Clairvoyance, out of body experiences and visions are possible.
These people are very forgetful.
Because of their etherical state they experience strong fears and even paranoia. They are afraid of approaching death, darkness, ghosts and paranormal phenomena.
There is the sensation of the upper head opening and closing, and the sensation of swelling in the perineum as if sitting on a ball.
Other physical symptoms are: a burning sensation after urination, weakness and numbness of the legs, pain in the spine and teeth grinding.

The sexual desire is high with a longing for quick satisfaction.
They like to consume sweets. Thirsty people.

Darkness and exertion aggravate their condition.
Cold water and being outdoors ameliorate.

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