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red cheek, warm drinks, cause complaints, rotten eggs


Author: Anja Heij

Chamomille is a soothing and calming herb. People who need this remedy lack the motherly cover and protection of the Chamomille; some layer seems to be missing, what makes them react oversensitive to pain and outward impressions.
Chamomilla is one of the great homoeopathic remedies for children - but also grown-ups may need it.

The mental image of this remedy should be the determining factor in making the choice for Chamomilla!
The nervous system is over-sensitive and therefore over-reacts, especially on pain. But also noise, fuss, anger, irritation and excitement cause complaints.
Chamomilla pains are intense and drive the patient out of bed. The pains force him or her to keep on moving, and that's the reason why children who need this remedy desire to be carried around.

Chamomilla patients are very difficult to satisfy: one moment they want this and next moment they throw it away, already desiring something else. They are extremely irritable, impolite, snarling, argueing, restless and angry. They don't want to be touched or hugged.
If you have children you know this behaviour occurs in certain life phases. Especially difficult and painful dentition is a real Chamomilla-phase.

People who need this remedy have a hot head with perspiration only on the head, one red cheek and one pale cheek. They have an enourmous thirst, are longing for cold water and sour drinks. There is an aversion against coffee and other warm drinks. The appetite is gone.
The stool is green as grass, or it looks like chopped eggs and spinach, and it smells offensive to rotten eggs.

Cases in which Chamomilla might be the right remedy:

  • convulsions, neuralgic pains, jerks of the muscles
  • difficult or painful dentition
  • headache, earache, toothache
  • fever
  • lung complaints, cough during sleep
  • cramps of the intestines, vomiting
  • menstruation pains, labor pains.

The patient feels worse by coldness, wind, anger, coffee, 9 o'clock in the morning or 9 o'clock in the evening (the toothache aggravates by warmth)
Chamomilla's feel better by warmth and being carried around (the toothache gets less in coldness).