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malaria symptoms, malaria tablets, castles in the air, vivid imagination

China officinalis/Cinchon

Author: Anja Heij

This remedy is made from the Peruvian bark.
For homoeopaths China/Cinchona is a special remedy, for it were tests with this medicine that brought S. Hahnemann to the discovery of homoeopathy. He noticed that large doses of quinine - made from the bark of this tree - produced the malaria symptoms the same substance in homoeopathic form cures.
Nowadays China is an important remedy in cases of weakness and exhaustion due to loss of body fluids. Think of it in grave perspiration or bleeding, long lasting breastfeeding or long lasting diarrhoa. It can be the right remedy in a disease with fever (for instance a severe flu) when the person remains exhausted long afterwards.
Ofcourse China/Cinchona is one of the malaria remedies. This implies that this is a medicine with periodicity, what means that the symptoms appear or aggravate with a certain regularity, for instance every other day or every other week. When traveling to a region known for malaria you may consider using China as profylaxis instead of chemical anti malaria tablets (discuss this with your homoeopath).

This remedy has a distinct psychological image.
The China character is the type of the artist; people who express themselves through art instead of plain words. For these people it is difficult - or impossible - to say 'thank you'. But they will express their gratitude in a beautiful poem, a painting or a present. They have a clumsy way of giving their opinion. "Oh my great God, this is such a horrible dress you're wearing" fact means: "I like your dress, but I find it difficult to tell you that in ordinary words".

A keypoint is the feeling of being hindered. The Indian homoeopath Sankaran writes: "they have a lot of ambition, they want to make fortune but feel hindered. Therefore they become angry, haughty, frustrated, indifferent and therefore they build castles in the air. Many China characters regard their youth as unhappy because there was no room for their fantasies in it."
China's are persons with a vivid imagination, especially during the evenings and at night. Then they have a solution for every problem and they build themselves a beautiful future. The reality of the next morning however does never meet their expectations. In fact China personalities are very romantic, fancying themselves a rosy colored life and expecting it to appear out of the blue. Usually that does not happen, what makes them feel hindered and misunderstood. "They don't understand me, they don't recognize my greatness." And China feels opposed and pursued by enemies, what makes them often feel suspicious in social contacts.
China's are also good in building theories - especially at night. They make long walks meanwhile theorizing and dreaming about a better life.
They do have suicidal thoughts but lack the courage to take their life.

China's need to go deep; they hate superficiality. In a real conversation they can open up, but when you wish to discuss today's temperature they will keep quiet.
Physically they dislike slight touch, soft massage or soft pressure. They will definitely not kiss everybody. They ameliorate by strong pressure.

Emotionally they are sensitive, vulnerable, readily irritable and quick-tempered. They are afraid of larger animals, like horses, cows, dogs and sheep.
They are sensitive to sound, odor, color and light. They are very chilly and sensitive to draughts of air.

There are many complaints with the appetite and digestion: there's indigestion, gas and bloating, stomach bleedings, capricious appetite, hunger but no appetite, appetite ravenous with marasmus...Consuming fruits, fish or wine causes complaints. The background of all this is an insufficient working digestion and gall, what also leads to migraine and problems with the stool.

China loves sweets and highly seasoned food.
They may like fruit and tea, but can also aggravate by fruit and tea.
Fish and milk cause digestion problems.

China feels worse by touch, soft pressure, draughts of air and coldness.
Warmth and strong pressure ameliorate.