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Coffea cruda (Coffee)

Author: Anja Heij

Coffee increases the activity and sensitivity of the nervous system and drinking too much coffee causes agitation and sleeplessness.

Homoeopathy uses raw coffee in potentiated form to calm down a state of over-sensitiveness of the senses and nervous excitement.

Coffea-characters have a very sensitive nervous system. With their constant nervous tension they act quickly and hasty. Coffea's are industrious people who do a lot for others. Their minds are filled with ideas and plans. Repeated thoughts and an alert and active mind keep them sleepless. In their drive for action they tend to first act and then think it over. When you inform to their problems, Coffea-people will say that they are well, because they don't allow themselves the time to think about emotions and personal difficulties.
These people eat and drink hasty.

The Coffea-picture is called forth by emotions, strong mental excitement and especially by pleasant news or occasions. They get ailments from excessive joy. A Coffea-child for instance will act with sleeplessness, a headache, a red face and warm head, or involuntary jerking anticipating a birthday-party or the arrival of Father Christmas.

Coffea is very sensitive to noise and to pain.
Especially during delivery these women experience noise as pain.
Toothache or headache can drive them to despair because the pain is felt very intensely. They can shriek with the pain. Menstruation and after pains are very painful.

Cold applications on the painful body-parts relieve. Rest and sleep ameliorate.
They feel worse by strong emotions, excessive joy, cold, noise and coffee. Of course the homoeopathic Coffea is a good remedy to heal the mental excitement and sleeplessness caused by drinking too much coffee.

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