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sciatica nerve, bitter cucumber, kidney stone, staphisagria


Author: Anja Heij

This remedy is made of the bitter cucumber. The pure tincture of this cucumber causes a spasmodic cramping of all organs within the belly.

Anger and indignation, fury together with irritation can result in heavy, very painful colic, that can only be endured by lying double or by exercising heavy pressure against the painful body-parts. Mostly these heavy colic pains will affect the belly, like menstruation pains, intestine colic, gallstone colic or kidney-stone colic. During these attacks people bend double, having the feeling as if two stones are being rubbed against each other in their belly. They are extremely irritable, angry and offended.

This remedy can also cure a cramping or shooting pain in the sciatica nerve, in case it ameliorates by exercising heavy pressure on it, for instance lying on the affected nerve.

Heavy pressure, as well as lying down on the painful side, ameliorates the pain. Also warmth and coffee ameliorate. Pains are worse after eating and drinking.

Colocynthus is an acute used remedy that often fits in with the image of the constitutional remedies Staphisagria and Causticum; in both these remedies feelings of anger and indignation are prominent.

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