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goddess venus, head ache, thick clouds, water element

Cuprum metallicum (Copper)

Author: Anja Heij

The metal Cuprum, copper, is associated with Venus. The Goddess Venus was born from the sea (the water-element symbolizes our feelings and emotions), standing on a shell and only dressed in her long, copper-blond hairs. Venus became the Goddess of love, beauty and art, harmony and balance, unity and peace. The planet Venus is always covered by thick clouds, like the Goddess Venus covering everything with the cloak of love. In astrology Venus has to do with connecting with another person, adapting to the other one, being sensitive to someone's needs, softness and kindness. So relationships are very important for Venus / copper. Long-lasting difficulties in relationships can result in cramps.

The homoeopatic Cuprum image shows a strong tendency to cramps. This remedy shows all kinds of cramps: convulsions, constrictions, jerking, twitching, epilepsy, tics and spasms, cramps, stammering. There are cramps on the emotional, mental and physical level. Cuprum-personalities want to be nice to everybody, to make everybody feel good, in the meantime compromising their own needs too much. If they find that they have "wrong thoughts", usually self-criticism, this will result in physical cramps. The Greek homoeopath Vithoulkas states that "Cuprum is indicated when all forms of love are spasmodic." On the physical plane cramps can be the result of suppressed skin eruptions.

Cuprums are very serious, easily offended and they feel quickly criticized (because the opinion of the other one is so important to Venus-people). From time to time they turn away from people or they fear people. They can also have the delusion of being a great person of being persecuted. All this behaviour is a result of disappointed and distorted relationships.

Cuprum is an important remedy for epilepsy and spasmodic whooping cough, when the child gets bluish during attacks of coughing. And it is an important medicine for all ailments that are accompanied by spasms, like spasmodic asthma, head-ache with cramps in the cheeks or hands, vaginism, stammering, spasms because of lack of oxygen during birth, tics in the face.

Cuprum-personalities feel worse by suppression of skin eruptions, by touch and at night. Drinking cold water ameliorates for instance the cough. Showing emotions relieves.