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Glonoinum (Nitroglycerine)

Author: Anja Heij

This is Nitroglycerine; the heavy explosive stuff bombs are made of. In homoeopathy we use Glonoinum for sudden, heavy symptoms together with the feeling as if you, or a part of you, will explode.

There is a striking congestion to the head and the heart. It is as if all blood is compressed in the head, with heavy pulsation and a burning hot head. There is a heavy headache, as if the head will burst. Every footstep causes a painful pulsation. The patient holds the head with both hands, trying to stay motionless. The brains feel too large for the skull.
This burning hot feeling can also be located in the heart region, causing violent palpitations. There can also be an alternative congestion of the head and the heart.
During the congestion in the head the patient is confused and stupefied; convulsions are possible.

Glonoinum can be the right remedy in case of a sunstroke and sun headache, migraine, meningitis or a stroke. Also overheating (open fire, head under gaslight) can lead to this situation.

This remedy will regulate the circulation and the blood pressure.

Symptoms aggravate in the sun, by warmth, by movements and by alcohol.
Open air and cold ameliorate, as well as vomiting.

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