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sensitive nervous system, silent grief, emotional shock, internal suffering


Author: Anja Heij

Ignatia is a medicine for grief and anguish. It relieves and heals acute emotional pain and physical complaints resulting from it. Situations that might ask for Ignatia are for instance: sudden loss of a loved one, death of a human being or an animal, rape, assault, robbery, accident and scary, frightful situations, in fact anything that can cause you an emotional shock. Furthermore Ignatia is a beautiful medicine in cases of (silent) grief for several reasons, for instance feeling of being denied, disapproval, jealousy, homesickness. What makes Ignatia the right remedy in the above mentioned cases is the reaction of the person on what has happened: Ignatia suits when the painful situation remains very actual in the persons mind, as if it had happened yesterday, and the mind is focused on constantly thinking about it or reviving it.

About eight years ago an aircraft flew right into a block of flats in Amsterdam; still most victims of that drama daily go through the horror of an airplane crushing their apartment and setting it on fire within seconds. It remains a present situation for them; they cannot give it a place in their memory, in their personal past. Now in such a situation and reaction you need Ignatia.

Ignatia can show his/her emotional misbalance by hysterical behavior and/or unstoppable crying, but there can also be a silent grief with only sighing as a sign of internal suffering. In fact, frequently sighing is a keynote for this remedy. And there is a lot of fear, fright and anxiety in this drug-picture. Ignatia-characters have a highly sensitive nervous system, so it is not surprising that during stress their bodies react with twitching and spasms, a nervous constriction of the throat, trembling, nervous head-aches, nausea, sleeplessness and palpitations. Their mood changes quickly in opposite tempers and they react corresponding with paradoxical symptoms, like a nausea that disappears through eating, or extra urination with at the same time oedema (holding on moist in swollen parts of the body) or laughing at sad occasions like a funeral. The usually friendly Ignatia can change into an unreasonable, demanding and dictatorial person when ill or stressed. It is a good remedy for nervous breakdowns, whether they arise because of long-duration stress, living in unacceptable conditions, frustration, disappointment or long intense studying.

These people have something fine and artistic, they love beauty, are sensitive, quick-witted and conscientious, intuitive, they want to do everything perfect and they are very sensitive to criticism and disapproval. Their emotional balance is easily disturbed. The idealistic Ignatia can fly in fainting or in daydreaming. Another important data is, that Ignatia's tend to depend their own wellbeing on that of their loved ones. "If only he does well." The other one seems to be more important; there is a tendency to sacrifice their interests for the sake of a loved one. And in case of an unanswered love their whole world collapses.

This remedy is known as a remedy for women, but also a lot of men need it. Ignatia's do not want consolancy. After all, their whole mind is absorbed by their grief, so what will remain of them when you take that away, they fear...

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