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Lachesis (Venom from the Surucucu snake)

Author: Anja Heij

This remedy is made of the poison of the Surucucu,the Bushmaster, a very aggressive and poisonous snake, with the Latin name Trigonocephalus Lachesis.

In many cultures the snake symbolizes the instinctive forces in us, our "beastly" and emotional part. The snake in circle-form with the tail in his mouth also symbolizes the circle of life and death, creative force, rebirth, immortality and totality. In fairy-tales a snake or dragon is often the guard of a cave (symbol of the unknown, the unconsciousness), the snake as protector of our secret life. The image of the snake gives us a better understanding of the complex character of the Lachesis personality.

Lachesis characters are passionate people with a strong life force, who are clearly aware of their instinctive side; they are intense emotional and sensual. Like the opposites of life and death Lachesis shows a strong duality and like two sides of a coin both polarities are present in the same person at the same time. These people are a living contradiction: they can be very immoderate, but they also have very much self-control, for instance times of drinking lots of alcohol are suddenly followed by a period of absolutely non-drinking. They can love and hate very strongly, they can trust someone completely and at the same time be very suspicious. It is "as if he has two wills" (Kent) and both opposite moods are fighting for the supremacy inside the person.

And there is another internal war going on: the fight between the spiritual part - in search for a higher personal development - and their sensuality. Lachesis characters feel that if they let their instinctive side free, it is very easy to do something in contradiction with their moral and social standards. Often they choose to chain their "inner beast", but their suppressed side will always be ready to take over and they never know when. Gino Vannelli describes this psychological war in his song "Moon over madness": * (partly reproduced)

"There she lies, a vision in the dark
Invader of my heart
Look at me, behaving like a fool
Damned if I'll be doomed
By this woman 'neath the moon over madness.

Shall I kiss the mouth, stroke the hair
Undress her - do I dare
Or bite into the vein above her
Heaving breast
Ah, the sun best come up soon
There's no telling with the moon
Over madness.

Shall I tear into her skin
Let the beast inside me win
I'm so uncertain
Or shall I fight my heart no more
Ease my lover to the floor
And loose my burden.

What I'd give to know just what I am
A monster or a man
An angel born of Hell, or simply
Human flesh
One of which is in this room
Wondering 'neath the moon over madness."*

(Note that in the second stanza Vannelli speaks of the sun (symbol for our conscious, controlled part) better come up to take over the reign from the moon (symbol of our uncontrolled unconsciousness and our emotions).

Lachesis often feels controlled or ruled by super-human powers. They can hear voices that command them to steal. Or they feel a 'devil' inside who scolds and rages beyond their control. Or they feel being led by God, performing a special mission. Lachesis people are very religious. A good solution for their inner struggle between spirituality and sensuality is a combination of both, for instance like in tantra, sex magic or wicca.

Like the aggressive Surukuku and the guarding fairy-tale snake Lachesis characters will passionately defend themselves. They have a lot of energy, are in for challenges, and competition, opposition and heavy discussions are fuel for their fighting spirit. They like to try out their barriers. Mentally they are practical, realistic, quick-witted, intelligent and critical. They are sharp, sarcastic and insulting without really intending to be insulting; it is more a result of their honesty. An abundance of original ideas pops up from their philosophical minds. They can manipulate and read between the lines. Lachesis can be very fearful and suspicious. Relationships usually are possessive, protective, with heavy emotional outbursts and often jealousy. Speech is very important. Passionate, fascinating speakers, who can stumble over their own waterfall of words. They like power and a social position at the top.

Lachesis cannot stand the pressure of tight clothes, especially not around their neck or waist. Lachesis has complaints on the left side (being the 'emotional' side) of the body, or starting on the left side of the body. Often heart -complaints and blood circulation problems, like hammering headache, hemorrhoids, hot flushes and hot perspiration (it is a well-known remedy for menopause ailments and PMS). Wounds and ulcers bleed easily. Women feel worse or act different the days before menstruation. Many throat complaints. There is a tendency to malignancy. And of course Lachesis is a good remedy against most snakebites.

All symptoms, especially the mental, are worse after sleep and in warmth (spring, summer). Coffee makes them feel better. Lachesis gets ailments from long lasting grief, sorrow, fright, vexation, jealousy, disappointed love or suppression. A famous homoeopath called Lachesis complaints "the prize for the unlived life".

*From the CD "Yonder tree" of Gino Vannelli, 1995