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Lycopodium clavatum (Wolf's Foot)

Author: Anja Heij

Wolf's Foot, is a mosslike plant. It exists already for ages on this planet in an almost unaltered form; Lycopodium clavatum has proven to survive many changes in climate and environment.

The homoeopathic Lycopodium-personality shows a great tenacity and a strong adaptability to many circumstances. How do they manage that?
Lycopodiums are usually smart and intelligent people. They know the rules, adapt themselves to social standards and they are diplomatic. They are charming in a polite way, like the classical English butler, or like the actor David Niven. They don't really have high ideals or extravagant ways of living. Emotionally they know little ups and downs; in personal matters they prefer to keep a certain distance. They regard arguing a bit beneath one's station; they do not argue because they are convinced that they are right or they do nor argue out of fear of being defeated. They easily forgive and forget.

For Lycopodiums it is very important to keep up the image of getting on well with everybody and being an intellectual person. For that purpose they will gather a lot of knowledge, and they love it to be flattered. This outer appearance of a popular, polite and well-educated person serves as a defense for their inner vulnerability.

The vulnerability of Lycopodium can be understood as a duality between their ambition and their uncertainty.
They fancy a good position, although without the final responsibility. They need it to feel important with other people depending on them. What means that they fear competition and criticism. Lycopodiums will do a lot to stay in charge: if they consider it useful they will intrigue, dominate, flatter, ridicule people, become mean or haughty, arrogant, cunning, abusive and quarrelsome; as long as they can 'survive'. They often use humor to stay at a distance, as a survival-mechanism (like Woody Allen).
They want nobody to know that deep inside they feel very insecure en helpless. It has to remain secret that they highly fear new things, people and appearing in public. (These are the persons who remain intense nervous before an appearance, even if they have already done it a hundred times.) And they also want no one to know that they have problems with relationships, because they cannot deal with intimacy and responsibility. This can work out as an aversion towards the partner or the children, in having several partners so no one will really come very close, in dictatorial behavior towards the partner, or in having sex with hookers instead of the partner. And last but not least it should remain unnoticed that they have problems with concentrating and memorizing, so in reality it is very hard for them to be the intellectual or great person they desire to be.

Try to imagine their inner state: having problems with the emotional side of life they focus on the intellectual side, but also that is difficult because of a lacking concentration and memory, and at the same time nobody should know because they want to keep up appearances. They wear a big mask to hide an inner feeling of being inadequate. Lycopodiums have an enormous fear of failure and a great fear of undertaking. They prefer being conservative. It is understandable that they prefer it to be surrounded by weaker people, although their dominance is often exercised in a subtle way. At work for instance a Lycopodium-character can act very reasonable and even yielding, but at home he or she can turn out to be a real tyrant. Another way of dealing with their imperfection is simply denying their faults and problems.

These people actually only trust themselves. Their skepticism and suspicion can work out positive - in being practical and not expecting too much of others - but also negative - in under-estimating or denying ones capacities. They can be very greedy.

Lycopodiums often have complaints on the right side (being the rational side) of the body, or starting on the right side.
There are many problems concerning sexuality and the genitals. With their fear of intimacy and their fear of failure many Lycopodium-men experience problems with having erections and ejaculations. In Lycopodium-women often the vagina is too dry for sexual intercourse.
They urinate extra at night and there can be red sand in the urine, accompanied by pain in the kidney region.
These people experience many problems with the digestion; there are liver or gall problems, gastric affections, a bloated feeling, many eructation, flatulence, constipation or diarrhea, a feeling of fullness in the stomach already after a few mouthfuls of food, a sour taste in the mouth. They prefer sweets, warm food and warm drinks.

Between 16.00 and 20.00 o'clock Lycopodiums often experience a dip in their energy level, with a desire to eat something sweet or sleepiness.

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