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inflammation of the ear, moist weather, noises in the ear, eustachian tube

Manganum (Manganese)

Author: Anja Heij

Manganese is a widespread metal on Earth. It makes connections with many other elements.

Manganum-characters are flexible; they easily adapt themselves to other people. They feel a great need to help and support others. If they cannot help you they become uneasy and restless; there is an inner drive to connect, to relate to people. Manganums also desire appreciation of their helpfulness; they like to be flattered. If their help remains unnoticed or when it is not valued they become bitter and start pitying themselves: " I worked so hard to make him feel well, and in stead of 'thank you' all I get are reproaches!"

These people are friendly and very sympathetic, lending their ears to listen to the difficulties of fellow men.
The homoeopathic Manganum is particularly a remedy for the ears and complaints with hearing. The earache gets worse in cold wind and in cold open air, forcing them to use earplugs. Manganums get earache from laughing, swallowing, talking, touch, rubbing, after eating...everything seems to affect the ear. Well-known complaints are earache, impaired hearing, catarrh of the Eustachian tube, inflammation of the ear, itching of the ear or strange noises in the ear. Blowing the nose ameliorates the hearing. Every cold becomes bronchitis.

Manganese is closely related to iron and shows a similar image of anemia. That makes it a good remedy for pale, anemic looking people. Menstruation is often too early and too weak, or the women bleed in between two periods. During menopause there can be flushes of heat.

All symptoms ameliorate by lying in bed.
Manganums feel worse in cold or moist weather, at night, and by movements.