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Natrium muriaticum (Sea Salt)

Author: Anja Heij

The sea is salt and salt are your tears; salt is used to preserve your food. Natrium muriaticum, being the homoeopatic salt, is a medicine for preserved and frozen grief and suppressed emotions. People who need this remedy often have had a grief too big to work through, so they stored it somewhere in their personality, consciously or unconsciously. They don't want to talk about it and often weeping is impossible for them. They feel deeply hurt inside. In order to prevent further attacks on their soul they build an emotional ivory tower around themselves. This means that it are quite vulnerable, closed people who find it difficult to show their emotions and who keep other people at a certain distance.

Natrium muriaticum-characters have something fine; usually it are sensitive, polite and very helpful people who will do anything to avoid hurting others, because they know so very well what it means to be denied or to feel damaged. They don't accept help from others, they value their independence and they dislike consolation or advice, because that can irritate them. If someone has caused them serious grief, they can completely erase this person from their lives. Forgiving is out of the question. Like salt-pillars these people have something fixed over them like rigid ideas, unchangeable decisions or fixed opinions. ("This is how I feel about it!" Discussion closed)

In Natrium muriaticum emotional pain has become a scar, a damaged part that will remain forever. And like people consider a scar a part of their body, Natrium muriaticum considers his grief to be an irremovable part of his life; somehow he has decided that this past will accompany him forever. That explains why he cannot accept sympathy or consolation.

Since the past seems to be filled with grief, disappointment or rancour, Natrium Muriaticum focuses very much on his hopes and ideals for a better future. Often they try to make this world a better place in their role of teacher, adviser, counselor or they stand up against injustice.

These people like sad, beautiful music or sad movies. They can cry about the grief depicted in these movies, but not about their own grief. Natrium muriaticum can suffer from a severe mental exhaustion as well as a physical exhaustion. They show a nervous tension. They can experience severe hopelessness and depression.

The Sun, our big source of life force, melts down the salt. So Natrium muriaticum-personalities develop many complaints in the sun and in warm surroundings: headaches, migraine, herpes zoster around the mouth, and their symptoms aggravate during daytime. And of course suppressed emotions cause health-problems, like headaches, skin-eruptions or high blood pressure. Often their bodies hold up moist (oedema, inability to sweat, no menstruation, severe constipation or not enough urinating).

At the seashore they feel better or much worse. (The sea symbolizes the water-element: our feelings and emotions). They have a preference for salty food and fish. Open air and cold water make them feel better.

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I find that Nat mur 200 (the 200th Centecimal potency of Natrum Muriaticum - potentised common salt) is extremely effective both for apthous ulcers (ordinary mouth ulcers) and Herpes simplex (Cold Sores).