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Author: Anja Heij

The metal Palladium is found together with Platinum and has to be separated from it. Palladium shares many characteristics with her 'sister' Platinum. Important distinctions between both remedies are:


- despises others
- is hyper-sexual, and very religious
during the non-sexual periods
- often complaints on the left ovary
without relief from pressure


- great need for company
- longing for appreciation of others
- often complaints on the right ovary
with amelioration from pressure

Palladium-personalities are constantly seeking for confirmation. They need a lot of people around them to feel appreciated. They are longing for a good opinion of others and desire to be flattered. Palladiums will do anything to make a good impression. A very good example is Mrs. Hyacinth Bucket in the television-series 'Keeping up Appearances'.

Behind all this lies a great lack of self-confidence, with the delusion of being not appreciated. They compensate their fear of being unnoticed and neglected with finding themselves very important, being vain, selfish and narcissistic, and considering themselves to be entitled to anything. So they need a big audience. When in company Palladium-characters feel very good and are quite cheerful, but when they are alone they feel very tired and all their complaints and pains return.

They often have the delusion of being taller than they really are, or the feeling of growing taller when walking. These people are easily offended and irritated. The feeling of being neglected makes them cry hysterically, scold and tremble with anger. They dwell on past disagreeable occurrences.

This remedy is mostly known for its healing action on the right ovary, when pain or complaints on the right ovary ameliorate from pressure and lying down and get worse from movements. Often the uterus is affected too. Palladium heals shooting, neuralgic pains in several parts of the body.

Ailments get worse because of bad news, emotions, disapproval or exertion. Palladiums feel much better in company, getting attention, by pressure on the painful body-parts or after sleep.