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Author: Anja Heij

Most homoeopatic books describe the metal Platinum as mainly a remedy for women. I myself know several male Platinums, and I would like to start this homoeopatic picture with one of them:

Mr. K. Birkenstock, manufacturer of healthy hippie-sandals, dismissed in 1975 150 of his 1700 employees, because they dared to ask for better working-conditions. These 150 employees were all active members of a trade union, requesting equal payment for men and women. Mr. Birkenstock wrote them this: " You will all quite rightly be treated as lepers and despised. And that is the least thing that should be done right here. With your incorrect, disgusting behaviour you have placed yourself outside the community."
Once when the press asked who had bought his sandals, the manufacturer effortless named a number of prominent persons: "Boris Becker, Steffi Graf, Madonna, Bill Clinton, Norman Schwarzkopf, Clint Eastwood..."

This patriarch clearly shows the arrogance and haughtiness of Platinum, the super-importance of the ego ("Now look what celebrities have all bought my product") and the scorn of his fellow men.

Several esoteric studies associate the metal Platinum with the planet Maldek, also known under the names Nibiru, Lucifer or Phaeton. A 6000 years old map depicts this planet between Mars and Jupiter, where nowadays we find the circle of asteroids. Psychics like the Austrian Jakob Lorber have explained that the inhabitants of Maldek possessed a technically high -developed civilization, with advanced knowledge on computers, space travelling, nuclear power and genetic manipulation. They considered themselves greater than God and as a result of an atomic experiment their planet exploded. You may find this a vague story, but it gives a better understanding of the homoeopatic Platinum personality.

Platinums are arrogant and haughty; they overrate themselves and despise other people. They consider themselves better than 'the herd, the plebes'. These people feel that they don't belong to their own family, they often think that they belong to the nobility, or that they are in a strange country. They enjoy exaggerating their own qualities and importance. They are proud, vain, narcissistic, and desire to be flattered. The funny thing is that their megalomania also has a physical component: the delusion that the body or a part of the body is enlarged, or the feeling that things look faraway and small (as if you look at them from a high place). Well -hidden behind this super-ego however lies a forsaken feeling, the idea of being alone on this world, of not being appreciated. Platinum-people lack self-confidence when it comes to making contact with other people. Every injury to their self-respect results in ailments.

Platinums are hypersexual. Already from their youth they show strong sexual impulses. But sexual arousal causes complaints, because the sexual organs are extremely sensitive, what results in very painful sexual intercourse, vaginism, itching and numbness in the genitals, or genitals too sensitive to touch. This remedy is well known for healing (left) ovary problems. Menses are too early, too profuse and too long lasting. Platinums sleep naked and with their legs wide open.

Knowing that Platinum-characters pretend to be important and that they are very sexual, it is not so difficult to understand that for them often sex means power. The sexual relationship is unsatisfying because the partner can never fulfill their needs. Platinums then react in two ways: 1. Celibacy and maybe join a religious sect. Several sexual relationships, nymphomania/satyriasis. Times of nymphomania alternate with times of religiousness and celibacy. During their sexual periods they are less haughty. Suppressed sex causes ailments.

Often Platinums feel pangs of death, or they fear that their loved one will not return (remember their forsaken feeling). Usually they do not want to have children. They have many delusions about devils and stupid people.

Their physical complaints point at an over-sensitive nervous system, like feelings of constriction, spasms, trembling, numbness and cramps. The left side of the body is more affected. They feel worse by emotions, touch and sex. Walking outside ameliorates, and warmth relieves the cramps.