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Plumbum metallicum (Lead)

Author: Anja Heij

Plumbum is lead, a very heavy metal.
In astrology we associate Plumbum with the planet Saturn, recognizable by its large rings. Saturn is the last planet in the solarsystem that can be seen with the bare eye; for the more distant planets we need a telescope. That way Saturn turns out to be a boundary-planet, and also the clear ring system refers to boundaries, borders, limits.

The Greek name of the planet spirit Saturn in Chronos: chronology, chronicle, time! Saturn/Chronos with his boundaries gives us the realization of being bound to time, and his heavy metal lead lets us know that we have to deal with gravity. In the symbolism of Satun spirit has descended completely to earth with its third dimensional restrictions of time and form.
Astrologically seen Saturn is connected with 'heavy' matters like moral, conscience, law and order, organization, restriction, limitation, forms, contracts, structures, quality, dogma, tradition, social status, fixation, hardening, freezing, death, soberness and efficiency. Saturns contracting nature physically gives cramps and spasms, and emotionally leads to fears. In the body Saturn rules the skeleton (ofcourse: he's the man with the scythe), all hardening processes like athero-sclerosis and gall-stones, dryness, stiffness, coldness, slowness, contractions and the chronic diseases.
On the emotional and mental plane Saturnal complaints are fear, feelings of guilt, melancholy and depression.

So after this explanation you know that people who need Plumbum don't joyfully jump around and sing all day.
That's right: they are sad and melancholic, their mind works very slowly and they experience difficulty in expressing themselves. There is a grave weakness of memory and a slowness in understanding. They cannot remember certain words, but keep on trying to find them and exert themselves to give you a good answer anyway (remember the search for quality and perfection of Saturn).
In a later stadium Plumbums can become depressed, apathic and suicidal. But this can be alternated with moments of anger and irritation.

These people feel better when they are alone.
They are suspicious, afraid of being poisoned and afraid of being persecuted by friends, the police, the law, etc.
They are often sleepless because of the constant exertion of thinking - or much talking at night. In their restlessness they keep on walking, and they find that time goes by very slowly.

A keynote for this remedy is a physical feeling of constriction, as if body-parts are drawn inwardly.
Another typical symptom is a blue line on the gums just around the teeth.

Plumbum has many complaints with the nervous system.
First there is a lot of trembling, especially in the arms and hands. This can result in difficulties bringing things to the mouth. Later on the muscles refuse to function any longer. Specific for Plumbum is lameness at the wrist, so that the hand is hanging down. Or one leg makes dragging movements.
There is pain in the nerves and constricting pain in the muscles. Cramps in the intestines or organs (colic pains). Inactivity of the rectum leads to constipation, and constriction of the bladder leads to urine retention and stinking sweat on the feet.
Usually these people have lost their sexual desire and potency; women can experience vaginism. The breasts can feel very hard.

Other Plumbum related complaints are athero-sclerosis, palpitations and high blood-pressure.
Let's take a look at a lead poisoning, for instance in painters, because paint often contains lead:
First you become pale because lead connects to the red blood-cells causing anemia, you lose vitality, tend to develop athero-sclerosis, your skin shrinks and show grey-blue discolorations, you grow old too fast. Later you get nervous complaints, spasms and lameness.
The symptoms of this medicine picture develop slowly and therefore it will also take time before the remedy shows improvements.

Plumbum characters love eating fat and salt food.
They aggravate by physical and mental exertion and at night. Strong pressure ameliorates.