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anemone pulsatilla, silent grief, rigid ideas, warm atmosphere


Author: Anja Heij

This is almost exclusively a remedy for women. It especially fits women with a soft, friendly and yielding character, who are easily in tears.

The remedy is made of the Anemone Pulsatilla, a dark purple flower of the Ranunculacea, which trims her sails according to the winds. Analogous to the constant moving flowers are the changeable moods and symptoms and the hormonal changes of the people that need the homoeopatic Pulsatilla.

Pulsatilla-characters are very emotional, having changeable moods. A keynote for this remedy is a forsaken feeling, the feeling of being left alone and denied. Pulsatilla's are very sensitive when it comes to relationships. They tend to be dependent on someone, to shape themselves according to the wishes and desires of a partner. They are kind and soft and easy to persuade; they are not really assertive. But when they feel let down or rejected they can be very irritable, sad and melancholic. They need attention and affection, some warm relational womb. These people are seeking for connection, it are peacemakers, caretakers of a warm atmosphere at home and they long for very close partnerships.

Pulsatilla's enjoy art and music and they will transform their house into a commodious nest. They can be fastidious.
They dislike quarrels and discussions, they cannot choose between several options and they somehow hope that life itself will solve their problems. Pulsatilla's easily weep and crying relieves their pain. But don't be mistaken: also silent grief is possible in this remedy. Tears can also be used to achieve certain things.

With their strong need for attention and connection they easily fall in love. They can have many successive relationships, or more than one relationship at the same time. Choosing a specific partner is difficult ("I love them both!") but when they have made a final choice they are quite true. They can also show a fear or aversion to marriage.
Pulsatilla-people have a strong sexual force. At the same time they can have rigid ideas about sex or religion, feeling guilty and sinful about their sexuality.
Pulsatilla's fear being alone, darkness and ghosts.
The homoeopathic Pulsatilla shares many characteristics with the astrological sign Libra.

Male Pulsatilla's are very soft men with a clearly developed female side.

Symptoms are often changeable and inconstant. Or they only affect one side of the body, or are moving to another part of the body.
Many symptoms affect the mucous membranes. Characteristic are the yellowish-green secretions.
The blood runs slowly, causing hemorrhoids, varicose veins and a heavy and swollen feeling in various parts of the body.
It is not surprising that this remedy has many complaints concerning the female sexuality: PMS, menstruation problems, a late and irregular menstruation with dark blood, milk in the breasts of women without children, serious pain after giving birth. Men can have problems with the testicles or the prostate.
Pulsatilla's often have swollen body-parts, like a swollen belly or swollen feet. Many intestine problems, gas, and a heavy feeling in the stomach. They dislike fat food. These people usually drink very little.

They sleep late at night and are very sleepy in the afternoon. They need more than one pillow to rest their head on. Sleeping on their left side aggravates their complaints.

Although Pulsatilla's are chilly, they dislike warm air and warm rooms. They prefer an open window, cold and being outdoors, exercising slow movements like walking. (Fast movements make them feel too warm and too tired.) They feel better after crying.