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menstruation problems, sexual organs, postnatal depression, varicose veins

Sepia (Squid Ink)

Author: Anja Heij

Sepia is the ink from a squid.
The squid usually lives alone, it is an independent individual. In case of fear or danger they surround themselves with a hiding cloud of dark ink.

When we project this image on human beings we find that the homoeopathic Sepia suits people who need (more) personal space around them, who cherish their independence, and who surround themselves with a dark emotional cloud of negative temper in case they don't get it.
Sepia especially turns out to be a remedy for women. There are two types of Sepia women: one is the independent and ambitious career minded woman, and the other one is the mother who feels that the responsibilities for her family ask so much that there is no time left for herself. Women who need Sepia can also be a combination of both types.

The best known Sepia picture is that of the overworked housewife.
She fights an inner battle between the duties and responsibilities of being a good mother and housewife on one hand, and living her own private life on the other hand. Sepia's are responsible persons who find that having a family is a hard and time-consuming job that hardly leaves time for anything else. And that's difficult since Sepia's like to do things on their own.
This conflict is the psychological reason for their exhaustion. The physical reason for their exhaustion is a slow blood circulation, especially in the belly.
This results in a weak sex-drive, weakness of the sexual organs, prolaps of the vagina and womb, all kinds of menstruation problems, PMS, morning sickness during pregnancy, postnatal depression, miscarriages, vaginal infections and an irregular bloodcirculation in menopause (flushes of heat). So Sepia is a great remedy in women's complaints.
Other symptoms are a slow digestion, urinary problems, constipation, back-pain, headaches and allergies. It is understandable that a slow and irregular bloodcirculation leads to easily fainting, haemorrhoids and varicose veins.
Knowing this you understand what makes Sepia characters feel better: strong physical exertion, like gardening or dancing, because that speeds up the body functions.
Mentally they are irritable, dull and forgetful. Their tired mind can be completely empty, unable to think anylonger.
Emotionally their temper matches the dark ink-clouds of the squid: they can be very negative, complaining, grumbling, scolding, argueing, cold and indifferent, jealous or depressed. They love their children and partner, but their exhaustion makes them disagreeable. There are also quiet and reserved Sepia's hiding in a meaningful speechless dark cloud.

The second type Sepia woman is that of the career woman, business woman.
She leads her own life and enjoys that. She may have a LAT-relationship because that leaves time enough to be alone. Or she is happy without a partner. It can be a woman who chooses not to have children.
She is ambitious and needs intellectual challenges. She is organized, efficient, strong, powerful, and she likes sporting. Physically she can have the same problems as the first type Sepia woman.

Both types Sepia women - or a combination of them - may look hard or uninterested, but inside they are vulnerable.
They prefer to do things their way and dislike opposition. When they feel bad or hurt they want to be alone; consolation is out of the question.
They are often too tired for company. Sepia's fear poverty and can be quite avaricious.

They look yellowish due to a slow working liver and they sweat easily.
Milk and fat food cause indigestion. They can constantly feel hungry; in some cases eating ameliorates. In other cases seeing or smelling food causes nausea. Sepia's like stimulating food, like spicy, sour or bitter food.

Sepia children and Sepia men have a yellow skin. They are dissatisfied, critical, sarcastic, reserved, closed, indifferent, negative, possessive, avaricious, lazy, tired and constipated. They change in a positive way when physical action is required.

Sepia's love thunderstorms!
They feel worse by change of weather, pregnancy and menstruation, warm rooms, company, coldness, milk and starting movements.
They feel better by dancing, strong exertion, being outdoors, warmth, cold drinks.

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Sepia is the ink from a squid. The squid usually lives alone, it is an independent individual. In case of fear or danger they...
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