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green sputum, jupiter the planet, physical regeneration, tin plates

Stannum metallicum (Tin)

Author: Anja Heij

Stannum is homoeopathic potentized tin. This metal is associated with Jupiter, the planet of faith, trust and lust for life.
Beautiful orange colored Jupiter is the biggest planet of the solar system; in astrology Jupiter is connected with growth, getting bigger, abundance, wellfare and wellbeing, natural healing, recovery, regeneration, positivity, aims and ideals, beliefs, teaching and philosophying (spreading your beliefs in the world) and traveling (extending your points of view).
Jupitarian body-parts are the liver, our chemical laboratory, and the tongue, as distinguisher through taste of what our body needs or not, and the enzymes as catalysors of biological processes. All these things support the physical regeneration. Interestingly eating from tin plates and drinking from tin vessels has proven to stimulate the assimilation of food. And the tins in which food is preserved are tinned inside to ensure the preservation of the good taste.

In homoeopathy we use Stannum in cases of severe exhaustion and grave weakness. This is mostly a remedy in chronic cases of serious disease, in which people have lost their physical reserves. There is no bodily strength left for recovery. And also emotionally seen they 'have lost it': they are very sad and have given up all hope for recovery. They feel like crying but often don't do it, because crying leads to exhaustion, as well as any other form of exertion.

An important symptom is that these people are almost too weak to speak! Speaking has to do with spreading around your beliefs, a Jupitarian area of life. Often this aversion to speak is related to a feeling of great weakness in the chest area. Every morning the chest is filled with slime and every exertion leads to exhausting coughs with a tendency to throw up yellowish-green sputum with a sweetish taste. Stannum suits short-breathed people who let themselves fall into a chair.
But it can also help persons with a general feeling of physical weakness, together with the idea of not being able to ever recover.

Stannum pains arise and disappear very slowly; another sign of weakness. These can be neurological pains who are most often caused by cold, for instance nervous head-aches with the sense of a tight band around the head, and especially situated around the left eye.
People who need this remedy have more difficulty with descending the stairs than with ascending the stairs!

Stannum complaints aggravate by every form of exertion, by lying on the right side (the liver-side!), warm drinks and touch.
Lying on something hard amazingly ameliorates, as well as hanging with the chest over a table (what puts hard pressure on the chest).

Anyone who needs Stannum I would also recommend to eat and drink from tin tableware.