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silent grief, painful bumps, dominant partner, physical violence


Author: Anja Heij

The two main characteristics in the psychological image of Staphisagria are oppression and victim.

Staphisagria-personalities have problems with injustice; they cannot stand injustice caused to themselves or persons in their surroundings. They do not stand up against this injustice however, but they react with some passive acceptance of it. They have the feeling that defending them is impossible, or the constant attacks or their personality have simply made them too tired to respond assertively any longer. The background of their passive suffering is often fear of further oppression, fear of sexual abuse, fear of physical violence, fear of mental and emotional ill-treatment, or some out of place feeling of responsibility towards their oppressor. Since they cannot defend themselves they react with withdrawal. There is anger with silent grief and anger with indignation. Fear of authorities.

So Staphisagria is a good remedy for the weaker person in cases of distortion of balances of power.
Examples of such situations are:

  • a dominant partner in a relationship treating the other partner like dirt.
  • a child that gets beaten up every time it does not act exactly according the wishes of the parent
  • incest
  • slavery

Staphisagria also turns out to be very helpful in case you are 'victim of the surgeon' what means that this medicine is very helpful if an operation leaves you with complaints or turns out to be very painful. Especially in operations of the bladder and the genitals. And they can be 'victim' of flies and mosquitoes, developing large and painful bumps after their stings.

Usually Staphisagria's can stand a lot of unjust behaviour. They suppress their aggression and grief, or somehow decide not to feel or notice it anymore. They inform after the rules in order not to trespass them. They have problems with the rudeness of other persons and try to avoid quarrels. The strange thing is that Staphisagria-characters blame themselves for what is happening, there is a lot of self-guilt, what makes it even more difficult to escape from their oppressed state. The base of this self-guilt most probably is a great feeling of worthlessness accompanied by depression; they are psychologically paralyzed.

Staphisagria's have strong emotions and strong sexual feelings. They can feel sexually oppressed in a relationship. Or they use their sexuality to obtain money, love and attention. "When I do surrender to this, than hopefully..."

From time to time they emotionally explode. Often these people try to manage their nervous tension with masturbation, smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. (But they can also be allergic to the smoke of tobacco).

Physically they have many complaints concerning urination, bladder and genitals. If a young woman gets an inflammation of the bladder after the first coitus, always think of Staphisagria. There is pain and sadness after coitus, vaginitis, (chronic) inflammation of the bladder, painful sensitiveness of the sexual organs, prostate troubles. Often they have bad teeth (if you 'cannot put your teeth into something' it means that you lack aggression).

Staphisagria-personalities get ailments from rudeness, anger, indignation, grief, mortification, sexual excesses and tobacco. Warmth and rest makes them feel better.

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