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intense headache, sensitive nerve, nerve system, pain in the heart

Tarentula hispanica

Author: Anja Heij

A bite of this spider affects the nervous system. There is a great nervous tension with the inability to stay quiet in any position. The enormous amount of energy must find its way out by a constant movement. Dancing on music turns out to be healing.

The homoeopatic Tarentula can be the right one for hyperactive children. The image can also develop itself in people who professionally have to work quickly, precisely and under great pressure, like in jobs with deadlines, or on the stock exchange. And don't forget children who play a lot of video games. It is also possible that people start acting Tarentula-like in order to get attention, like a child trying anything to draw the mothers attention, or someone desperately in love seeking the affection of the person he or she loves.

Tarentula-personalities are wild and extreme restless. These people constantly move at least one part of the body. The right side of the body is more affected. There can be nervous twitching and jerking of the muscles, or they cannot stop anymore with a certain motion. Movements are hasty. Tarentula feels much better by wild dancing on rhythmic music and having a lot of sex. Sweating causes a certain amount of relaxation. Other signs of the irritated and sensitive nerve-system are an intense headache, as if thousand of needles are pricking in the brain, and spasmodic pain in the heart region. Tarentula-characters can roll from one side to another to find relief of their complaints.

There is a tendency to destructiveness and self-destructiveness, like hitting themselves or others, tearing clothes, tearing out hairs, throwing things away, destroying things. Their mood changes suddenly. Shrieking follows nervous laughing. There can be laughing, mocking, joking, shamelessness, intense fear, great anger, desperation and melancholy. They have delusions of monsters, insects, faces and ghosts. Clairvoyance is possible. Tarentula's are highly manipulative and deceitful, they simulate diseases and do things behind your back.

They have a preference for or aversion against the colors red, green and black. These people feel worse by being touched, and better by music, dancing, sweating and being outdoors. They dislike food and show an usual preference for eating raw meat and sand.

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