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Liza Minelli

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March 12th, 1946 Los Angeles (USA): Pisces

New York New York, was singing this famous interpreter to describe the Big Apple and its rhythm, the people coming and going, the immense buildings, the constant running after the time passing by. Besides the great poetry of her song, what has touched me most, was the deepness, the simplicity and the spontaneity of her interpretation.

Liza appears to be a very sensitive subject, her nature is independent and idealistic; maybe many events in her life have made her suffer and withdraw into herself, sharing her uneasiness with a very few people.

Her childhood must have been rich of pleasant events, as the aspects suggest that some very sensitive family members looked after her, putting her always in the centre of attention, inciting her to the initiatives to take in life.

According to the position of Venus in Aries in her birth chart, when she was young, she must have had two relationships, which have disappointed her and which she has broken drastically when she came to know the thoughtlessness of these people; she likes passionate partners who combine intelligence and culture with sensuality. Her love life must not have been very easy and in fact she must have had many disappointments, including one long term relationship, which ended because of lack of honesty of her partner, as most probably he has taken advantage of her good nature; this event must have led her into a deep crisis that made her fragile and unstable, depriving her of joy and harmony.

In this difficult moment of her life, it appears that she has a stable relationship with a person who is really involved with her.
In work, according to Jupiter in Libra in her birth chart, she appears to be a very sensible person, with her feet mostly on the ground; she has a flair for investments but she has to be always careful about people suggesting wrong investments, as she is often inclined to trust them.

Nevertheless, I think she will have another success in work and an important acknowledgement in her career that should happen by the end of this year.

In friendship, it appears that she has isolated herself because some people have disappointed her and it seems she has three really special friendships left at the moment.

As far as her health is concerned, the astrological aspects are suggesting an excellent recovery; so she will recover fully from the illness she has been suffering from and within six months, people will start talking about her once again as of an artist and a woman of success.
Anyway she will have to be careful about overdoing, especially with stress, in order to avoid relapses, which will be possible during this year.

So the stars say!

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