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Several Tarot Spreads

Author: Anja Heij

Classic 3-Card Spread

This classical three-cards-spread can briefly point out the development of issues.

1. The present situation, also representing the questioner.

2. Circumstances in the past that led to the present situation.

3. Future development.

The Cross

The cross can help to find your direction in crises or complex situations.

1. This is what it is all about, the core of the issue.

2. This is not important now, you should not do this.

3. This is very important now, this you should do.

4. It will lead to this.

The Star

The star is a good spread if you wish to receive more clarity and insight in a problem.

1. The nature of the problem.

2. What influences the matter in a positive way.

3. What influences the matter in a negative way.

4. The past.

5. The present.

6. The future.

7. Final judgment

The Gypsie Spread

The magical spread of the gypsie can be used to get an overview of the present situation of a person.

1. This is the person in the present situation and mood.

2. This is the impression you make in the outside world.

3. This is what you hide behind that appearance (consciously or unconsciously).

4. This is what you want to do, your actions.

5. This is how you feel and what you will reach.

6. What comes afterwards, the future.

7. This is what that will mean to you.

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross is the most famous spread. You can use it in most situations. I give you an extensive version of the Celtic cross.

First lay out these eleven cards.

1. This represents what it is really about, what you feel deep inside.

2. This covers the heart or intensifies the matter.

3. This crosses your path.

4. The past (in relation to the question).

5. That which supports you or you lean on.

6. How you think about the issue.

7. What you will get.

8. Personal problem, your point of view of it.

9. The point of view of those around you.

10. Your hopes and fears.

11. Outcome, the future

After that turn over the pile with the left cards, take of the first five cards and lay them out from the right to the left.

Now these five cards tell - from the right to the left - the story of how things will develop themselves.

15 Card Spread

The fifteen-cards-spread is very helpful in pointing out trends, psychological and karmic influences and future developments. Try it! This spread makes more use of the relationships of the cards to one another, so a card may be well- or ill-dignified depending on the influence of the card to the left or right of it.

1. Represents the questioner or the issue.

2. Circumstances surrounding the situation.

3. Personality of the questioner.

6- 10 - 14. Indicate the psychological basis of the issue; they can assist in deciding what may be necessary.

7- 11 - 15. Show forces behind one's control, destiny or karma.

13 - 9 - 5. And 4 - 8 - 12. Show possibilities for the future. If the left and right upper cards complement each other, you can look at them as one development. If the left and right upper cards are in conflict, then the right upper cards show the future if the questioner does not change his present attitude, and the left upper cards point out a possible future if the person does change his direction.

You can buy books with hundred or more spreads. The real art of reading the Tarot however lies not in mastering as many lay-outs as you can find, nor in quoting all card-meanings from memory. What really matters is an open-minded, respectful and intuitive attitude towards the wonders of life in all its variety, what enables you to receive valuable information and insight. Enjoy your journey of self-discovery and have fun with the cards!

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