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tiger symbol, foolish action, wise person, wonders of life

0 - The Fools

Author: Anja Heij

This card has no. 0 because it represents the life-phase of the unborn child, pure creativity. (The figure inside the womb). It represents the openminded, innocent attitude of both the unborn baby and the wise person, who know that they actually know nothing; they show a complete openness to the wonders of life. There is no fear, the biting tiger (symbol of fear) does not bother him. The fool is adventurous and just about to jump into life.

Meaning: new adventure, unexpected new beginning, fearlessness,innocence, spontaneity, idea, thought.

Reverse: unwise, foolish action or attitude.

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THE VALUE GIVEN THE FOOL. There is no obvious necessity for a 'Fool' card ever to have been labelled with a zero symbol, or given a null value.
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0. The Fool. The Formula of Tetragrammaton; The "Green Man" of the Spring Festival.

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The Fool is unnumbered (sometime represented as 0--the first—or XXII--the last —Major Arcana in decks). It is used in divination as well as in game playing.
As Card 0, the Fool lies at the beginning of the major arcana, but also somewhat apart from the other cards.
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We will start with #0, the Fool. This symbol is the most complex and difficult to interpret in the entire deck. Why?
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Arcana Force 0 - The Fool アルカナフォース 0 ( ゼロ ) - THE FOOL ( ザ・フール ) Japanese (Kanji), アルカナフォースTHE FOOL. Flag of Japan.s
0 - The Fool
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