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5 - The Hierophant

Author: Anja Heij

The age between 30 – 35 years.

The Priest or Hierophant is a spiritual leader. He holds the key to our inner being. From the marriage of the external spirituality of the father (religious manuscripts and teachings) and the internal spirituality of the mother (intuition) the inner child (perception and wisdom, your own truth) is (re)born.

To implement spirituality into daily life (uniting Macro-cosmos with Micro-cosmos) we need the creative force of the Lion,, the practicality of the Bull, the passion and commitment of the Eagle, together with the originality and vision of the Man.

Meaning: the (inner spiritual) teacher, wise counseling, help from superiors, goodness of heart, endurance, patience.

Reverse: incorrect advice, wrong information, dogmatism, hypocrisy, heartlessness.

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5. On the next INHALE draw the Hierophant Sphere up from the 12th Chakra, through the Central Body Current and up to the 14th Chakra 36" above the head.
inversion of the places of the trumps VII: The Chariot and V: The. Hierophant. The inversion of these cards is not common among occultists.
The Major Arcana cards
5 The Hierophant- The Hierophant is a symbol of moral law and convictions. He is also a welcomed advisor and spiritual guide.
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Example 1976 (1+9+7+6 )= 23 (2+3) = 5 The number 5, The Hierophant, is your lifetime personality symbol.
which the last Eumolpid hierophant of Eleusis was held by the future Caesar Eunapius, making the latter's lost History a second-hand source of information.

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The Hierophant is usually Key 5 of the Major Arcana.
5 - The Hierophant
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5 - The Hierophant
The Hebrew letter associated with the Hierophant card is Vau, which can mean either 'nail' or 'and'.
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